Argentinian smallsat company signs 90 satellite deal with China

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An Argentinian smallsat company, Satellogic, has signed a 90 satellite launch deal with China.

Satellogic’s constellation seems likely to compete with the remote-imaging satellite constellations operated by San Francisco-based Planet and Seattle-based BlackSky. The company promises to remap Earth at 1-meter pixel resolution every week and dramatically reduce the cost of high-frequency geospatial analytics.

The deal is officially signed with a so-called private launch company in China dubbed China Great Wall Industry, but that company merely acts as an agent for a Chinese government space operation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.

What this means however is that China’s launch rate is going to go even higher in the next few years.


One comment

  • pzatchok

    Unless their launches cost less than SpaceX then they are getting subsidies from the Chinese government.

    Argentina is not stupid they will go with the cheapest launcher. China is offering something very cheap.

    I look at all Chinese space companies as just extensions of the Chinese military.

    I just thought of something scary. What if they are building up like Germany did before WWII? Secretly in related projects. Like glider pilots instead of fighter pilots.

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