Arianespace successfully launches two commercial satellites

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Capitalism in space: Arianespace tonight successfully launched two commercial communications satellite with its Ariane 5 rocket.

This is the third launch by the company since it settled its labor problems in French Guiana in late April. Since then they have managed a launch ever two weeks, and at the moment Arianespace and SpaceX are tied for the most launches in 2017 at six. This tie should only last until Saturday when SpaceX hopes to launch a reused Dragon to ISS.


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  • wayne

    Night launches are always impressive, but kinda disappointed in the video for this one, but good to see them back in action, nonetheless.

    Totally tangentially but maybe post-worthy….

    Article in the Wall Street Journal today (6-2-17), Midwest edition, A3. I hate to reference the WSJ as most of their content is behind a paywall at their website, but undoubtedly available elsewhere.
    (My Cat loves the WSJ, and it comes 6 days a week. In contrast, my local-paper is down to 3X’s a week and teetering on the edge.)

    “Two Merged Black Holes Detected.”
    [a LIGO instrument detection]
    –Referencing a new paper released Thursday in the journal “Physical Review Letters.”
    Group led by the California Institute of Technology and MIT.
    -resulting merger created a black hole with “49X’s Solar mass.”

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