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Arizona gov says he will not certify results until all lawsuits are settled

Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey today announced that he will not certify the results of the state’s presidential election until all the lawsuits involving issues in the count are settled.

In Arizona specifically, the Trump campaign and state GOP filed lawsuits in Maricopa County in a bid to block officials from certifying the election results due to alleged voter irregularities and improprieties.

“There are legal claims that are being challenged in court and everybody on the ballot has certain access rights and remedies and if they want to push that they are able. Once those are adjudicated and the process plays out, I will accept the results of the election,” the Republican governor said in a news conference on Wednesday.

Based on Ducey’s generally spineless leadership, I have no confidence in his announcement. I think he is playing us. He has done less than nothing to really make sure the vote is accurate, even though it is in his power to do so. For example, he could call the legislature back in session so that its Republican majority could get involved. He has refused to do this, keeping them out of the game. Moreover, his administration apparently chose the questionable Dominion election software used to count the vote, despite questions raised about it from many sources for years.

What I think he is doing is making it seem he cares. Then, when he folds like a house of cards to an untrustworthy recount, he can claim he was there for us. All hogwash.

The only saving grace to his announcement is that if no certification occurs before December 14th, the lack of Arizona’s electoral votes might force the decision into the House of Representatives, where the Republicans will have the votes to keep Trump president. If the Democrats wish to avoid this, they should be moving heaven and Earth to clear up any issues and thus settle the lawsuits.

Not surprisingly, I do not see the Democrats doing this. Instead, they are working to block any audits or proper recounts. Makes one wonder what they might be trying to hide.

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  • Robert wrote: “Not surprisingly, I do not see the Democrats doing this. Instead, they are working to block any audits or proper recounts. Makes one wonder what they might be trying to hide.”

    Concur. Aren’t the Progressives always saying “Well, if you have nothing to hide (comrade).” Did not Barack Obama say that people couldn’t have ” a little Fort Knox in their pocket. . . ” regarding cell phone privacy? C’mon, Dems. Give it up.

  • eddie willers

    the lack of Arizona’s electoral votes might force the decision into the House of Representatives, where the Republicans will have the votes to keep Trump president.

    OK…that puzzles me. The House is held by the Democrats. So much so that they had enough votes to force a ludicrous impeachment. How could the Republicans overcome that?

  • eddie willers: I and others have explained this several times. According to the Constitution, the voting for president in the House is done by the state delegations. Each state delegation of representatives votes, and the winner in each state becomes one vote for president.

    Right now the Republicans have a majority of states in such a count. In the new Congress, which will be the one voting, their majority is even larger.

  • Andrew_W

    There’s a real danger that self-righteous convictions and positions will harden even further with the use of convincing lies, damn lies and statistics to the point that we will see Republican states refusing to certify the popular vote. If that happens, given the subsequent process, as Mr. Zimmerman says, a state by state vote in the house along party lines would result in Trump being reappointed as president.

    I doubt the US would survive the anger at that result.

    The Republicans would argue that the vote was corrupted and so they followed due process.

    The Democrats would argue that the alleged corruption did not happen, certainly not to anything like the extent claimed, and that the correct due process should be that that it has always been, a vote by the appointed members of the electoral college.

    In the US, the tribalism has become so strong reason has gone out the window. The second US secession of some states and subsequent civil war could be months away.

  • Cotour

    And if there is credible fraud and corruption, then what? Just avert your eyes?

    That is not how it works, and to live in fear of what some who are without doubt are lets say dealing in less than rational terms and are driven by the likes of ANTIFA and BLM.

    You know, Obama spoke of a civilian, “force equal to the military” in America, and I think we have found who exactly is filling that wish and attempting to black mail (No pun intended) America.

    I say, no thank you.

    The evidence will either be produced and argued and the judgement will be made or not. And that will be that.

  • R7 Rocket

    In the Second US Civil War, President Trump would have the advantage of unity of command and being the leader of the more heavily armed US political faction. His main disadvantage is that he is not a military man, he is a businessman.

  • Andrew_W

    And if there is credible fraud and corruption, then what? Just avert your eyes?

    Cotour, that’s where the problems could get serious, the courts could conclude that there isn’t credible evidence of fraud and corruption, but Republican State legislatures could conclude that there is sufficient credible evidence of fraud and corruption, and if enough refuse to certify the popular vote things go to the US House. It seems to me that the level of evidence necessary to satisfy many Republicans will be impossible to attain, no matter what effort is put in to do so, especially with Republican bloggers, politicians and Trump’s lawyers egging each other along and doing everything they can to convince themselves and each other.

  • Cotour

    Trump is the president, he is the head of the military, there will be no need for any military action within the United States, no matter who politically likes it or not.

    Same goes for Joe Biden.

  • Cotour

    The Republican state legislatures do not just say, “Hey, lets just vote on the election”.

    If there is a determination after all of the credible evidence is presented to the courts and ultimately the supreme court rules that there is either not enough impact on the election or that there is no enough credible fraud proved, I will accept the results. And I have to assume that anyone else that agrees with me will do the same.

    However, that I suspect will not be the attitude of those extremists on the Left. But that will have to be dealt with as need be. No civil war, no secession. Just allow the legal process to process.

    And then we all get ready for the next and never ending political warfare that goes on in America to continue. And that is by design.

  • eddie willers

    each state becomes one vote for president.

    Thanks for the explanation. It’s not the Representatives themselves, but the States of the Union.

  • wayne

    SCOTUS won’t address election fraud– that’s a dead-end argument. What they can address however, are election laws that were changed by anyone other than a State Legislature.

    Two things in play—
    1) plain old election-fraud and 2) un-elected (non State legislature) bureaucrats (or State Courts) who changed election laws prior to the election. (Pennsylvania in particular)
    Only a State Legislature can change the election laws in their respective State.

  • Cotour

    Point taken Wayne, these cases of fraud and corruption will have to be presented in a way that the various legislatures can not not see them, and that is exactly what appears to be underway.

    Trumps lawyers are not backing down and are making some very unambiguous statements, and the likes of Dominion appear to be running for the hills. Dominion was to meet with the Pennsylvania legislature just the other day, and they chose to NOT show up. These are the facts, Rudy Giuliani and company has destroyed Dominion and their associate company’s for all intents and purposes. No outrage, no threat of law suits, no nothing. And that say plenty to me. This has become a big election fraud meatball that is sitting right in the middle of everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner plate.

    (But don’t worry, the FBI is looking into it, they have launched investigations ;) The FBI and all the rest of the abc agencies all want Trump gone. And that is exactly why he is to stay exactly where he is, as the president Of The United States.)

    If I were to now take a guess as to what Trumps chances of revealing it all and prevailing? Now my guess would be IMO 50/ 50, and improving. It will one way or another, win or lose, be, TRUMPIAN!

  • Andrew_W

    Wayne: 2) un-elected (non State legislature) bureaucrats (or State Courts) who changed election laws prior to the election. (Pennsylvania in particular)

    You are correct, bureaucrats cannot change election laws, they only try to interpret or misinterpret them, court rulings are based on the laws, not what the bureaucrats thought they might or should be.

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