Armadillo Aerospace closes down.

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The competition cools down: Armadillo Aerospace closes down.

It is important to recognize that developing a new private industry is not easy, and that many more companies will fail than succeed. That reality, however, does not prove that freedom and private enterprise are bad ideas, merely that they carry great risks.



  • R. Cotour

    Elon Musk has it down right, first become a multi billionaire and then start a space company. It gives you a lot more room to maneuver and a vast array of options.

  • Edward

    I am truly sorry to see that Armadillo is in such trouble. They are one of the companies that I have been hoping would do great things.

  • wodun

    Musk runs SpaceX as a business not a personally funded hacker space. It sounds like Armadillo has turned down work in order to focus on their main goal. Which is a mistake. Take a look at SpaceX whose main goal is passage to Mars. The services they supply today wont get you to Mars but keep the cash flow incoming so that Mars enabling technologies can be developed. Similar to some of these new asteroid mining companies whose first products will be satellites and the mining doesn’t happen until some time later.

  • joe

    (At the risk of butchering this) I am going to call this the invisible hand of creative destruction, add in a dash of crony capitalism and all bets are off, it seems as though he is a little underfunded in this arena. R Cotour is correct on this one, their is a saying in aviation that says in order to become a millionaire in aviation you must first start with ten million!

  • R. Cotour

    Its funny how the investment community pays attention to proven and tested billionaires interested in creating new businesses. Nothing like extreme previous success to attract investment to a new venture. Cash flow is always the prime directive. No real cash flow at some point down the line, no bills paid, put the key in the door.

    Musk succeeds in vision and implementation.

  • R. Cotour

    “correct on this one” Joe?

    You will also be remembering me, my observations and my conclusions at some point in the future Joe.

  • Steve C

    A company named Armadillo was bound to get run over.

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