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Arsonists the cause of most of Australia’s bushfires

It ain’t climate change: Police in Australia have arrested almost two hundred arsonists, suspected of the causing the bulk of the bushfires that have been sweeping the country.

Thus the cause is not global warming, an absurd claim that has been made repeatedly over the past few months by various climate scientists who in their spare time make their livings as either actors or activists. As noted in the article at the link:

Melbourne University Professor Janet Stanley, quoted in the Australian, said that the arsonists were typically young males aged 12 to 24 or older men in their 60s – generally from an unsettled background. She said, “They are often kids not succeeding in school, or they have left school early and are unemployed. The boundaries between accidentally and purposefully are unclear because many arsonists don’t plan on causing the catastrophe that occurs. Often there is not an intention to cause chaos and the penalties for accidentally lighting a fire are far less than purposefully lighting a fire.”

What is especially sad is that these actors and celebrities expect us to take them seriously, when it is very clear they haven’t faintest idea what they are talking about. Worse, news outlets seem to think their ignorant opinions are worth reporting, as if they carry real weight in the discussion.

Think about it. Why should any adult give any credence to the opinions of a teen-age girl about the science of climate when she is intentionally not attending school and therefore is intentionally not getting educated? No adult should. That so many do, including many politicians (who also known nothing about the subject), speaks volumes about the decay and childishness of our culture today.

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  • Lee S

    The sparks that lights the fire have bugger all to do with how hot or how long it burns Bob .
    Are you really claiming that the current poo storm of record breaking baking hot weather, high winds and almost zero rain are NOT caused by climate change?
    Ok, you don’t agree with Greta’s activism, but your doing a massive ad homonym attack on her message by jumping on her age and education…. Read the bloody message… Don’t shoot the messenger!
    Global climate change is a reality, both India and Australia have hit their highest temperature since records began this summer, and it ain’t over yet.
    You can argue that the science ain’t all in yet, and you would be right… But is it better to just wait for a decade or 2 more, just to be sure? Or perhaps think about doing something just in case? Its fine to be skeptical about the science, but to out right deny the obvious truth is just bloody minded ..
    I’m guessing you are not affected by any of the fires currently raging… I’m guessing you don’t think it’s strange that the current low in sun spot activity is not correlating with any global cooling?
    I am not backing Greta’s activism unconditionally, I’m saying that you are both wrong, and disingenuous to dismiss the point she is fighting for because of her age.
    ( I will now put on my hard hat, because I know I will be belittled by everyone here who’s house is NOT burning)

  • Cotour

    1909, Australia, 127 degrees F.

    Its been much hotter down under, long, long, long, long before Gretta.

  • Lee S

    I can’t believe the content of your post here Bob…. It’s about as unscientific and blatently biased as any statement I have ever heard…. Blaming someone who feels passionate enough, and is tough enough to spread her message through the world, for the message she is spreading is just wrong. You should know better. ( And on a side note, she will be able to continue her education when she returns… At the tax payers expense…)
    Good bye good posters here, I hope you get another leftie to stop you all shouting into the echo chamber of your misguided and ignorant views without any challenge…. It’s been fun, but this is a post too far…. Love and light to you all.

  • “Why should any adult give any credence to the opinions of a teen-age girl. . .”

    Recall that Jimmy Carter publically stated that he consulted his daughter Amy on nuclear weapons policy. Of course, the man was also attacked by a rabbit.

  • Ian C.


    What about this:

    “The Volunteer Firefighters Association (VFFA), the body representing the Voice of Volunteer Rural Firefighters in NSW refutes the claim by green alarmists that climate change is the cause of the recent bushfires in New South Wales.”

    “The VFFA is angered by comments from the green lobby groups that tackling climate change was more important than prescribed burning of forest fuels to reduce bushfire risk. The real blame rests with the greens and their ideology as they continue to oppose and undermine our efforts to conduct hazard reduction in the cooler months and to prevent private landowners from clearing their lands to reduce bushfire risk.”

    So it’s death by Green ideology that stopped proven methods of burning dead wood and doing controlled burning. Green ideology now killed another half billion of animals. Add that to those slaughtered by wind power.

  • Ian C.

    Just to add, Greta is not the innocent phenomenon we’re made to believe. Behind her are affluent circles, from Green parties (organizing national Friday for Futures marches), renewable energy investors/funds, environmental activist groups with funding from “various sources,” eco-socialist think tanks and sponsors. Her parents are connected to such groups, it wasn’t Greta who started it.

    Like most of those prominent young left/green commentators on Youtube and elsewhere aren’t innocent teens/twens with “an opinion.” It’s organized by influencer marketing companies behind. You can book those fellas, prepare their scripts and messages.
    Same for leading NGO activists and their core followers. They’re paid (by “donations”) and orchestrated.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Ian C.,

    So Australia is burning for the same reason as California – politically-based dysfunctional land management policies. Why am I not surprised?

  • Lee S

    Yes Ian…. It’s a complex situation… You have the same problems in the US…I have no references to hand, but it’s not hard to Google I’m sure… I have friends that tell me that there were controlled fires in the 50s and 60s… And kept bushfires under control
    But it’s not even a point for debate… Temperatures are higher than records began… Rainfall is lower than ever… Do you all honestly believe we need to do nothing?
    Even if you think there is only..say 10% chance that all this carbon/coal/pick your own fossil fuel is messing up the environment for our grandchildren… Would you pick a 10% chance on a roulette wheel to leave a wasteland for our grandchildren?
    And I stand by my point… Picking on the messenger is a willful attempt to ignore the message.

  • Ian C.

    Preparing for potential changes, yes. In both directions. And keeping (or restoring) a healthy environment. But in a smart way please. Not the wasteful and ideological actions that are proposed or implemented. Not with those harmful international treaties that “decarbonize” (i.e. deindustrialize) the West while China, India etc. can build one coal power plant after the next and pump up their industrial output while we have to reduce ours. Not with treaties that demand that the West pays hundreds of billions to “developing nations” that have no obligations on their sides. It’s a big ripoff and I cannot understand why Western nations (except for the US) signed up for this.

    And of course do we have to pick on the messenger AND the network behind her. She’s a puppet. Why should we let us get tricked by people who abuse children for their ideological and profiteering ways? Not smart.

  • Chris

    If you have climate … it will change.

    How it will change and especially why it changes are still an unknown.

  • Edward

    Lee S,
    You wrote: “The sparks that lights the fire have [nothing] to do with how hot or how long it burns Bob .

    No, they don’t. What does have to do with how hot and long they burn is the lack of firefighting ability due to the large number of fires. When firefighters are unable to work a fire because they are to busy with others, then the fire keeps going, especially when it reaches the best fuel sources.

    Read the bloody message… Don’t shoot the messenger!

    When the messenger is supposedly an expert to be listened to, then she may be criticized for being wrong. Those are poor times to read or react to the faulty message.

    Global climate change is a reality

    Ah, yes. The “local weather is climate” fallacy.

    You can argue that the science ain’t all in yet, and you would be right…

    Wait. Didn’t you just say that Global climate change is reality? So, how could you know this if the science is not yet all in? Do you ever think before you write or hit the submit button?

    Or perhaps think about doing something just in case?

    What if you do the wrong thing and make matters worse? This is the “knee jerk reaction” fallacy.

    Its fine to be skeptical about the science, but to out right deny the obvious truth is just bloody minded ..

    But it is fine for you to outright deny obvious truths? The climate (your weather) has been warmer in the past. It has also been colder in the past. In fact, colder has been normal for the past few million years and our current temperature and climate has been the exception. So, which climate should we be shooting for? The interglacial climate or the glacial climate? The climate of last year or the climate of 1992?

    I’m saying that you are both wrong, and disingenuous to dismiss the point she is fighting for because of her age.

    So we should listen to the incompetent?

    I will now put on my hard hat, because I know I will be belittled by everyone here who’s house is NOT burning

    So now every house fire is due to Global Warming Climate Change Weather?

    Do you all honestly believe we need to do nothing?

    And now we are capable of controlling the weather. What a good argument, Lee.

    Maybe the correct thing to do is go back to controlling the brush and preventing arsonists from starting all these wildfires.

    Temperatures are higher than records began…

    A whopping 150 years ago. Less than that in most of the world, such as Australia, so it is not hard for new highs to show up.

    Would you pick a 10% chance on a roulette wheel to leave a wasteland for our grandchildren?

    Wait. Are these the first wildfires ever? Hasn’t nature survived wildfires in the past or did our forefathers leave us with a wasteland?

  • Mike Borgelt

    Lee S, there have been bushfires in Australia forever. Also droughts and floods. The weather on this continent is highly variable.
    Unfortunately the Greens have infiltrated the local and State government bureaucracies and while the percentage of the vote they attract is 5 to 10% they can swing who is in government so both major political parties pander to them. The Greens push the complete non interference with vast areas of bush and tie them up in National Parks, World Heritage areas etc and we ban logging, cattle grazing or basically any human activity at all. Feral pigs, dogs, cats and foxes and of course rabbits do very nicely though. This results in very large fuel loads which result in large, very hot fires. People have even been prevented from clearing around their dwellings to prevent them being burned out in the areas next to these reserves.
    It is doubtful that recent years in Australia are in fact the hottest for whatever years. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology in its unceasing search for relevance has completely bought into the climate change idea (I once used to be an employee – meteorologist/forecaster). Any data is highly massaged before being released and they refuse to give details of what they do. Highly suspect. See Joanne Nova and Jennifer Marohasy.
    What we have done in Australia is destroy a good percentage of our coal fired power stations, build heaps of bird killing, countryside desecrating windmills and installed Chinese made solar panels on a good number of houses. I have some , not because I believe they are a good idea, but the protect myself against the exorbitant electricity prices caused by the renewable energy scam. Where else can I get a 25% return on my money due to idiot government subsidies?
    Do you mean you haven’t figured out that Saint Greta is an actress being used by people who should probably be in jail?
    That none of the carbon reduction policies touted by governments will have any measurable effect? Nobody in government REALLY believes a little extra CO2 is going to have any significant effect. If they did there would be an emergency nuclear power program everywhere. As ever it is about money and power. YOUR money, THEIR power

  • Slatey Cleavage

    Lee wrote, “Are you really claiming that the current poo storm of record breaking baking hot weather, high winds and almost zero rain are NOT caused by climate change?”

    Lee, you’ve been tricked! It’s not a “poo storm”, it’s a myth! Our climate has been changing since the beginning of time on earth without the help of humans. The causes are not fully understood. Some believe the sun is a key variable. What is the current climate change/political controversy really about? It’s not the climate. It’s about:

    “[The] redistribution of wealth and the establishment of political agendas aimed at destroying the foundation of eastern democracies and free markets.” THAT”S what it’s about! Nothing else.

  • Lee S

    Yardy yardy yahhh… I expected nothing less from you guys… And you didn’t disappoint.
    What I’m trying to say is…. Wouldn’t it be better to try and be a little less polluting… For many reasons…. And can you consider for a second that perhaps you are wrong? ( Very doubtful given the other threads we have conversed in)
    Greta is a hero… Willing to stand up for what she believes in…. and wise beyond her years… Unlike most of us here, who are years behind their wisdom.
    And very much at the end of the day, if we follow the path of coming off reliance on fossil fuels, cutting carbon emissions, and trying to keep the environment just as we like it… Well… Where is the harm in that?
    ( Just an aside… As Bob has pointed out, sunspot activity is as low now as the little ice age…. Correlation is not causation… But just imagine if it does correlate… What happens when we warm up again?)

  • Cotour

    Gretta is a poor little girl that needs a hug, she is no hero. I feel very sorry for her. She has been and is being used by manipulators, she is being abused, a psychological basket case from what I have seen and it pisses me off. A 16 year old young woman is not a leader, and unlike Joan Of Arch, God is not directing her, Liberal / Leftist Globalist political operatives are.

    Like most other Liberals / Socialists you, Lee S are not fully connected to the realities of the world. No, you are lulled into thinking that a 16 year old leads you to some environmental victory over the human abuse of the planet.

    HOW DAAAARE YOOOOOU!!!! (Be so ignorant and such a simpleton in your adult form. You sir are the child)

  • Mike Borgelt

    CO2 isn’t pollution. In western countries most of the heavy lifting on real pollution has long been done. The air and water has been cleaned up.

    Coming off fossil fuels isn’t going to happen anytime soon. It is ultimately theoretically possible by using nuclear energy, water and CO2 to make hydrocarbon fuels. Same as using the Sabatier process on Mars to make oxygen and methane. Economic on Mars, currently can’t see it being economic on Earth yet and besides, your ilk prevents widespread build out of nukes.

    Windmills and solar panels are virtue signalling hobby toys which rely on the existence of a high tech, high energy, fossil and nuclear fueled civilization for their existence. They are very damaging to a country’s economic well being. Australia more than most.

    There’s no case for cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Plants love the stuff and there has been a measurable greening of the planet as a result. The place has always needed terra – optimization.

    Go do some research and you’ll find there is nothing unusual going on with the climate. We are in an interglacial and the ice will be back soon enough along with the devastation that will cause. We’d better be a truly space faring species by then. Wrecking the world’s economy over an unfounded, evidence free conjecture may prevent that. We’ll be like starving Hindu’s surrounded by beef on the hoof as we degenerate into primitivism, while abundant “forbidden” energy resources surround us.

    Greta is a mentally ill child being cynically used by those old enough to know better. Lacking any evidence and with numerous dire predictions having fallen over, the climate crowd turn to child abuse and “feelz” to push their case.

    If you want to argue the point on a space blog, best to bring evidence, not Euroweenie welfare serf “feelz” and armwaving.

  • It seems to me that everyone on this thread has missed my point about Greta Thunberg. My point was not to criticize her, but lambast our so-called intellectual elites, many of whom are in the mainstream press, who seem to think they must take her opinions seriously. They are the ones who should be criticized, and harshly.

  • Mike Borgelt

    I can’t see anyone criticising Greta per se, just the machine behind her which includes the media and politicians giving the issue oxygen.

    “According to the researchers, if the Atlantic Multidecadal or Pacific Decadal oscillations existed, there would be evidence for their existence across the suite of current state-of-the-art climate model simulations.”
    And Michael E. Mann, creator of the “hockey stick”, who can’t do statistics? ROTFLMAO!

  • Edward

    Lee S,
    You wrote: “What I’m trying to say is….

    See? when you don’t make yourself clear, perhaps by trying to be too short with your comments, then people misunderstand you.

    Yardy yardy yahhh… I expected nothing less from you guys… And you didn’t disappoint.

    Oh. Now I get it. You are unclear on purpose just so that you can complain that we didn’t understand you. Otherwise you would be disappointed or have other expectations.

    You could have been kind and long ago made that purpose of yours clear.

    And can you consider for a second that perhaps you are wrong?

    What should we consider that we are wrong about? That we “argue that the science ain’t all in yet, and [we] would be right…?” Because that is what scientific skepticism is all about. It is healthy for new hypotheses to be questioned, especially when they come on the heals of the exact opposite hypothesis, such as global warming popping up just after we are told that the next ice age is upon us. It is scientific to wonder which hypothesis is correct or whether either of them is correct.

    It is unscientific to say that we have to act now before it is too late, before enough evidence is in to determine which action to take. Should we prepare for the next ice age, which we know is coming any millennium, or should we prepare for the Earth’s plant life to burn to a crisp, which we don’t know will ever come?

    And very much at the end of the day, if we follow the path of coming off reliance on fossil fuels, cutting carbon emissions, and trying to keep the environment just as we like it… Well… Where is the harm in that?

    That is a big idea for someone who is still heating his house. In addition to Mike Borgelt’s comment, I suppose the harm is that you, Lee, freeze to death on a windless, cloudy day. Unless you and all your neighbors are willing to let a nuke power plant come to your town. Otherwise you all will have to wait for space-based solar power plants before you can come off your own reliance on fossil fuels.

    Meanwhile, we Americans have reduced our CO2 emissions while increasing our economy, but we get no credit for meeting our Kyoto goals. In addition, when the Earth stopped warming in 1998, no one cheered that we were saved from global warming. Instead the activists declared that the heat was hiding, as though heat can be anthropomorphized. Imagine heat choosing to hide from us just for the fun of it.

    What happens when we warm up again?

    Crop yields will increase, and you will use less fossil fuel to heat your house.

  • wayne

    Greta Thunberg Jr.
    Jayne Jay
    October 31, 2019

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