Astronomers search for water on Trappist-1 ecoplanets

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The uncertainty of science: New research suggests that the Earth-sized exoplanets circling Trappist-1 might have water, or might not.

The data suggests the inner planets likely have lost all their water, but the outer planets, some of which are in the habitable zone, could have water. The key word is “could.” They actually don’t yet have any data that says for sure whether water is there..

Posted as we drive through Kayenta in the Navaho Reservation.



  • Ted

    Can’t tell you the weather for next Thursday but their might be water on an “exoplanet’ billions of miles (trillions) away. Yeah buddy. Next!

  • Max


    Thinking the same thing.
    I bet Zimmerman would have fun taking those guys out to the desert to see if they could find water…

    Truth is, any place in the universe that has oxygen (likely) and hydrogen (more likely) you have the makings of water. They’re making a pretty safe bet I would guess…

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