At the rim

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at the rim

On a lark, last week I called Xanterra, the vendor that runs the hotels on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, to see if they had any rooms available anytime during the summer. Diane and I wanted to do a day hike down the Hermit Trail, and to do it we needed to stay at a hotel the night before and the night after.

To my surprise, they had a rim view room available in Bright Angel Lodge, for tonight and tomorrow. The picture on the right is taken from our room, right after we arrived earlier today. I am right now sitting at that window, watching the sun set on the canyon buttes even as I type. Yowza!

I will post more tonight, and some tomorrow night as well. I will also do my podcast with John Batchelor tomorrow, live, from this room. Most cool, I must say.



  • Gary M.

    Doing this on a lark is the first cool part.

    Doing it is the second cool part.

    Yowza indeed. Hat tip to you sir.

  • Phil Berardelli

    I’m mightily impressed, Bob — and a little jealous. Enjoy and report.

  • Mitch S.

    But if you’re a sleepwalker, I suggest keeping the door double locked – don’t want to be sleepwalking out there!

  • Joe

    Magnificent view!

  • Frank

    This is the little stuff in life that adds joy. You scored well Bob!

  • Keith

    Shouldn’t you write “cool image time” ?

  • wayne

    Yes, pictures are always good.
    -Where is Bright Angel Lodge, in relation to the Phantom Ranch site?
    -What is the weather like this time of year?

    We just do not have this type of geology in Michigan, closest thing (on a dwarf scale & no canyons, but lots-o-tress & water) is maybe the “Pictured Rocks National Shoreline” in the Upper Peninsula. (All created by glaciers and lake erosion. Maybe 200 feet tall, max, but like’ 30-40 miles of them.)

    Great Lakes Shoreline Tour – Lake Superior’s UP Michigan coastline

  • wayne

    pivoting tangential, but Mr. Z. is going to view the Eclipse in August and this brand new Silicon Valley Astronomy lecture is very timely & informative. (Fraknoi is fun to listen to–his voice reminds me of a cartoon character from the early ’60’s.)

    The ‘All-American’ Eclipse of the Sun This August
    Andrew Fraknoi 5-24-17
    Silicon Valley Astronomy

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