At Zion on the way to the eclipse

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At Zion

As I have mentioned several times on my radio appearances with John Batchelor, Diane and I today began a two week trip to Glacier National Park followed by several days at Capital
Reef. The trip’s date however was pinned to Monday’s eclipse, with the plan being that we are stopping in Idaho Falls on the way up to Glacier to see it.

Today Diane and I drove from Tucson to a hotel right outside Zion National Park. This was not in my original plans, but when I realized the drive to Idaho from Tucson would be more than 15 hours, I looked to see if there was a nice place midway that we could also do some sightseeing. To my delight I discovered that Zion was perfectly positioned, and that there was a La Quinta hotel at its entrance that I could book practically free by using the points I had accumulated by staying at this chain previously. We had been to Zion previously, but it had been a number of years, and this would give us a chance to do a quick extra sightseeing trip.

After we checked in around 4:30 pm, we ate dinner, then took the shuttle bus into the park. The picture on the right above was taken from a short trail at the Court of the Patriarchs bus stop, up to a look out. When I saw the sun eclipsed in this manner by one of Zion’s many pinnacles, I thought this to be a very appropriate picture for the trip. The picture below is the main view from the lookout of the three pinnacles dubbed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, from left to right. We didn’t see much as we didn’t have much time, but still, the place remains as beautiful as ever.

Tomorrow we head up to Idaho Falls.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob peaks in ZionA



  • Robert, you are visiting some very cool places. I spent my vacation in Glacier a few years ago and visited Zion many years ago. The picture I took of The Patriarchs remains one of my favorites. I’ll be watching the eclipse in Salem (OR).

  • Gary M

    Robert, you have quite the adventure planned. You probably will not have time this trip but Angels Landing is an amazing hike in Zion. My wife and I spent 10 days in Glacier NP a few years ago. Did 46 miles of day hiking there. Eclipse watching for me is on the family farm near Columbia Missouri.

  • BSJ

    I’m at the in-laws in southern Illinois.

    Fingers crossed totality will finish just before the clouds roll in.

    Good site for accurate predictions.

  • Gary M: Did Angels Landing last time we were here. Now we are off to Idaho!

  • wayne

    – Just heard a Veterinarian on television– he recommends to keep your Cat inside tomorrow, “to prevent blindness.”
    I don’t know about any one else’s Cat, but my guy has never stared at the Sun, and I’m doubting he is going to start on Monday.
    -One of my neighbors asked me about eclipse-glasses a few days ago, he was very disappointed he could not use his any of his extensive collection of 3-D glasses.

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