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Talk about intolerance: Atheists demand the removal of a sign honoring seven firefighters who died on 9/11 because it includes the word “heaven.”



  • Fred

    It’s to bad these idiots are so afraid of God that they can’t even stand any words that remind them of the Lord. They don’t want the word Heaven, are they really serious. Are they that dam stupid. Isn’t there a law about freedon of speech. Well I want to tell them a thing or two. Go to hell, and when you get there, I hope you have changed your mind and want so badly to go to Haven. I’ll be laughing my ass off just thinking about your trip. God help all these idiots that can’t stand the fact that some people have God in their lives. I think they are so very jealous of all us who have the most wonderful Lord in ours. God help all you idiots!!

    The word isn’t ATHEISTS it’s dumb ass.

  • well fred that wasn’t a very christlike response in my humble opinion , also i think you should be careful to not lump all of the atheists into one group of idiots , obviously these atheists are idiots but maybe there are some others that are much more respectful , also by the way the nbc us open golf broadcast last weekend eliminating “under god” from the pledge of allegiance was so idiotic i mean cmon it is the freaking pledge of allegiance we should all be proud of every word of it regardless

  • David Hollick

    Atheists once again pushing their religion on everyone, doing exactly what they claim to be against.

  • “We’ve concluded as atheists there is no heaven and there’s no hell”

    Hmm, I’ve concluded as a Christian that there is, and I’ve got more evidence on my side. At the very least, one might say that is nothing more than opinion and conjecture, which puts it exactly on equal footing with the atheist ‘conclusion’. I recommend that those intolerant busybodies re-read the Establishment Clause, and then take up thier grievance with the firefighters.

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