Atlas 5 launches GPS satellite

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The competition heats up: ULA has opened its 2016 launch schedule with the successful launch of an Air Force GPS satellite.



  • mkent

    Note that this was the first launch with “common avionics” — ULA’s next step in cost reduction.

  • B Harding

    I watched this launch from the viewing stand. It is the only launch I’ve ever seen. In the article there is a picture of a commemorative patch for the launch of that satellite. I’ve called the NASA store and they don’t have such a patch available for purchase; don’t have the patch at all. Any thoughts where I might go to obtain this patch? I’d love to sew it onto my own custom shirt to commemorate I was there!!

  • Edward

    B Harding wrote: “Any thoughts where I might go to obtain this patch?”

    Try the ULA store:

    They have a shirt, but you may have to contact them for a patch. Patches may have been intended only for those who worked on the project, but if you tell them that you were at the launch in the stands, maybe they will try to find one for you or point you in a better direction.

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