• Anthony Domanico

    I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. They, along with The Space Show, make my drive to work a lot more palatable. One bit of speculation that I have to disagree on, Bob, is when you said there will come a time when SpaceX will have old used up boosters for sale for cheap. Gwynne Shotwell said on The Space Show they wouldn’t sell boosters, they only sell a service.

    That makes sense to me because SpaceX doesn’t want their proprietary information getting out, and to that end, they only patent the technology that is visible on the outside of the rockets/spacecraft. The justification for this strategy is if you get a patent then it’s easily accessible information and the enforceability of said patents against state actors (China, Russia) is questionable at best.

  • Anthony Domanico: I should emphasize that when I was talking about a future “used rocket market” I wasn’t really specifically talking about SpaceX. I might have said so, but I really didn’t mean it that way. Once all rockets become reusable vehicles (which is going to happen), there will come a time when it pays to sell them. By then, the technology will be robust, and well known, so protecting proprietary information will be less crucial.

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