Australia to consider forming its own government space agency

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The new colonial movement: The Australian government is studying the idea of forming its own space agency.

With ever-increasing dependence on satellites for communication and navigation, an Australian space agency could oversee the launch of satellites.

But, initially, an Australian space agency’s main role would be to help keep jobs and $3 billion of spending in Australia rather than flowing overseas. The agency would also help Australians take advantage of satellite technology, especially for farmers.

This proposal is actually all about the requirements under Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty. If Australian companies wish to do anything in space, the treaty requires Australian to have some legal framework in place to regulate that activity. The regulations can merely rubber-stamp an approval for any private operation, but they must exist. Without them Australian companies will be forced, for legal reasons, to go to elsewhere to make their space endeavors happen.


One comment

  • Mike Borgelt

    The problems is that Australia’s bureaucrats take this sort of stuff seriously. No way will anything get rubber stamped.
    Aussies wanting to do stuff in space should simply go to the US. Actually that isn’t bad advice in general with the way the green madness is wrecking our electrical power grid.
    The OST should be torn up anyway.

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