Baltimore to ignore behavior and homework in school grading

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The coming dark age: The Baltimore school system this week revealed that it is ordering its teachers to ignore student behavior and not count homework in determining school grades. Worse,

The school system also now recommends that teachers do not factor homework into overall grades or give students marks below 50%. Community Superintendent for Zone 2 George Roberts says low marks can damage a student’s feeling of self-potential. “The power of the zero is extremely powerful and frankly hurtful to a student,” Roberts said. “If a child gets a zero on an assignment, it’s that much harder for the child to come out of.” [emphasis mine]

What Baltimore and America is instead going to get is badly behaved students who simply don’t know anything. Seems to me that it is time to get those kids out of these public schools and to shut them down, since they a waste of money and are doing real harm to children.



  • wayne

    “Bad Idea.”
    Mr. Superintendent-Guy Robert’s, needs to call up his alma mater and request a refund for his phony-baloney Education-Degree.
    This guy needs a big fat red ZERO on his pension-payout printout.

    I’d like to know what percentage of these students, are hyped up on amphetamines or other stimulant’s. (I bet its 1/2, easy.)
    (We have a saying in my biz– “correct for teaching & 80% of all class-room management problems disappear.”)

  • Cotour

    The evolution of this ridiculous, backwards thinking is the parents and the children get to determine the students grade.

    Trump makes a good argument to the black population, the liberal Democrats have disrespected them for 50 years and this story illustrates one aspect of that abuse. What, do, they have to lose?

    Modern bought and paid for political slaves of dependency. Keep them fed and moneyed and keep them plentiful, and make sure they get dumber and dumber. If they ever wake up it will be the villagers with torches and pitch forks time.

    If they ever.

  • Orion314

    Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Pittsburg, Chicago, Philly, St Louis, and on and on…Fine places to restart above ground nuclear testing…just kiddin, …..kinda……America, the not so beautiful….Thomas Jefferson said so well
    “In order for a man to love his country, his country MUST be lovely”
    and so it goes…

  • Edward

    So, that was the school district that *I* wanted to grow up in! All that homework took a terrible toll on my play time, and I couldn’t sit still in class. I sure would have loved to play all day, even during class, without regard to how it affected my grades.


    Kids today sure are pampered. It isn’t just that every generation says so, this time it is true. Homework can be ignored, everyone gets a trophy just for showing up. Who needs a feeling of self-potential, these days? In fact, how can they even *get* a feeling of self-potential, when they can’t even get a sense of what their potential might be?

    From the article: “Under the revised approach, effort, class participation and attendance are also considered factors that distort grades.”

    It used to be that we had to perform well to get accolades, but today’s kids don’t even have to show up. And performing better doesn’t get today’s kids any better recognition.

    No wonder so many drop out of high school, these days.

  • “. . . George Roberts says low marks can damage a student’s feeling of self-potential.”

    Well, hell, low marks *should* damage a student’s feeling of self-potential. Improvement happens outside the comfort zone.

    When I was in the third grade I had a terrible time learning my multiplication tables. My parents were told that if I didn’t learn them over the summer, I would no-kidding be held back. My parents, um, ensured I learned those tables.

    Shame is a great internal motivator that Progressives have nearly eliminated from society. Now no one can do anything and feels great about it.

  • wayne

    Blair– another excellent point.

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