Battery powered Chevy Volt produces more CO2 than an ordinary gasoline engine

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The electric-powered Chevy Volt actually produces more CO2 than an ordinary gasoline engine!

I don’t know if the analysis in the above article is completely accurate, but it sure suggests that switching to electric cars over gasoline is not all that it’s cracked up to be, and is probably not a good idea.


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  • Kelly Starks

    I’ve seen it consistently reported in various analysis of electric cars that their per mile air pollution levels are higher then gasoline cars. Given they also cost much more to buy, and to operate per mile; and of course they can’t get very far per day…

    ..Well lets say its kind of obvious why electric cars were driven out of the car market by steam and gasoline cars around the time the Wright brothers flew, and never have been able to get the market back since.

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