Becoming American

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For the Fourth of July. Link here. Key quote:

The process of being an American goes on, though. As almost everyone here should be aware, being an American – not just fitting in the culture, and because that’s regional it means I’ll need to learn to talk and walk again if I move across the country again – is an ongoing process, an ongoing fight between liberty and totalitarian impulses which exist in every society and possibly in every human. And it is a struggle to free yourself from the inherited nonsense that has plagued other societies too: ideas of class and inherited rank or ability.

It is our solemn duty, no matter how many of our compatriots fail at it, to live up to our amazing luck in being citizens of the greatest nation on Earth, one founded on the belief that individuals can be self-governing and are the bosses of their own government.


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  • Cotour

    America, like no other country is a concept, a concept based in the understanding that human beings are free born, have rights not given to them by their government and have self determination. At America’s foundation lies another unique feature, the Founders of the country understood the nature of man as it relates to power and governance and designed a system to counter balance the tendency of men to abuse power.

    The Constitution, elementary, brilliant, prescient, a wonder to behold and exist within.

    These basic principles of governance and freedom, codified and enshrined some 241 years ago remain as the beacon to all the world and all those who arrive here to enjoy it all must come here to transform themselves into Americans.

    I am always inspired when I read an individuals personal experience, trials and tribulations in getting themselves here, makes me take a step back and once again fully appreciate something that when you are born immersed in you can easily forget how special it all actually is.

    I am forever appreciative, happy Independence day to all.

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