Beer on Mars

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Capitalism in space: Budweiser’s goal to eventually brew beer on Mars will take its next step with the launch to ISS of a beer experiment in December.

To get the ball rolling, the famous beer brand is partnering with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, which manages the ISS U.S. National Laboratories, and Space Tango, a payload development company that operates two commercial research facilities within the National Laboratory.

Working with Budweiser’s innovation team, the group will send two barley-based experiments to the ISS as part of the next SpaceX cargo supply mission, scheduled for December 4. Budweiser’s barley seeds will stay in orbit for around a month before returning to Earth for analysis.

Seems right to me.



  • Cotour

    Now Glock or Winchester has to announce the same and everything will be set, firearms and alcohol being the only two man made items codified in the Constitution. What of the Second Amendment in space? There is talk of “Capitalism In Space” on BTB, how do these two foundation items fit in? 1. The right to defend ones self, and 2. The right to produce alcohol and the right of the controlling government entity to tax it?

    I have to wonder how the cost of establishing a brewery on Mars will be amortized and what the end product might cost per mug?

  • Garry

    As someone who enjoys good beer, my take is the further away they put the Budweiser, the better.

  • Max

    Beer on Mars? What could possibly go wrong?

    One newbie to Mars yells to another, as they are trying to impress the girls, “watch this!” As he jumps from the habitat trying to do three low gravity slow motion flips in a row before he hits the Sandune, overshoots and hits the solar array cracking his helmet instantly causing his beer in his rehydration tube to boil a froth in his face drowning him before he can suffocate…

  • Noah Peal

    In heaven there is no beer

  • Chris

    There’s a lot of material here, but let’s go with this…..
    If there is any intelligent life on Mars we’re doomed at their first taste of one of those Budweiser lime ‘o Rita’s or whatever it is. After tasting that, they will see it as their galactic duty to wipe our civilization out!

  • Alex Andrite

    Neat subject ! But come on folks, what to ‘Name That Beer’?

  • wayne

    Cream –
    Falstaff, the thirst slaker

  • Garry

    Thanks for that, Wayne; if I still had vinyl I would have worn out several of Cream’s albums by now, but I had never heard that song.

    As the first comment at the link mentions, you have to wonder why Eric Clapton left the Yardbirds because they were too commercial, then he recorded this with Cream.

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