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Berkeley creates police state in anticipation of conservative speaker

Free speech in fascist California: In order to prevent violence against a conservative speaker, the town of Berkeley is imposing very strict security controls for tomorrow’s event.

The key security measure that I think will make the most difference are these:

UC Berkeley’s Provost Paul Alivisatos sent a recent campus-wide message detailing security plans, saying no one wearing masks or carrying weapons of any sort will be allowed on campus.

Police will block off the building where Shapiro is scheduled to speak and several other buildings hours before the event starts. Anyone entering the secure zone to pick up tickets must present a photo I.D. Nearby parking lots will be closed.

Berkeley police chief Andrew Greenwood said police will make “very strong, rapid arrests” Thursday night if any protesters have weapons or wear masks.

You want to commit violence, you won’t be able to do it anonymously, as was allowed previously.

Though it is tragic that so much of the population of California hates dissent so much that they are willing to commit violence to squelch opposing points of view, it is progress that the local government and university administration are finally acting to defend the people’s right to speak freely.

Pioneer cover

From the press release: From the moment he is handed a possibility of making the first alien contact, Saunders Maxwell decides he will do it, even if doing so takes him through hell and back.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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  • Michael

    So you have to present a photo ID to pick up tickets. But this act is considered to be racist when voting?

  • Michael

    idea = id — sorry

  • Michael,

    I explored the ID dichotomy a while back. It’s telling that the Left works to decouple accountability from power.

  • Michael: I don’t do this normally, but this was such an easy fix that I went in and edited your comment to fix the error.

  • wayne

    Berkeley “Braces” For Ben Shapiro
    The Rubin Report [9-13-17, clip]

  • Cotour

    I repost this video and some of my comments of Mark Styne and Jordan Petterson discussing this “Decoupling” technique that the left must employ. And I post this story about how the “Freedom” loving ANTIFA states that violence is necessary. You can not make this up, but given what many of these people now believe about their government they seem to feel that this is their only path.

    Most probably just follow, the leaders however are stone cold Marxists and are focused on destroying both Capitalism and the Constitution. To replace them with what is a mystery to me. The only real solution? The cleansing light of truth :
    Mark Styne and Jordan Petterson on the techniques of the Left.

    Political correctness and social justice will destroy us all, that is my position on this form of political warfare being employed by the left if it is allowed to stand. Is it too late for us? Styne asks Petterson. I believe that there may be many revelations on the horizon that will challenge the very foundation of our country, but in the end we will have to decide to reconnect with that foundation instead of discarding it, there just is no other way. Not that I can seee.

  • Cotour: You realize that the correct spelling is “Mark Steyn?” It might help your cause, and ours since we agree on this subject, if you checked and corrected these minor details before posting. The first time you posted this incorrect spelling was forgivable, as we all make such errors from time to time. Twice in less than a day embarrasses you.

  • Cotour

    Thank you for the guidance, but once again, what you believe embarrasses me not only does not embarrass me, your pointing it out at the level that you have gave me a good laugh. I am not really that concerned about how Steyn or Styne or anyone else spells their name, everyone knows who I meant. I often notice your misspelling or miss placing of a word in your posts but in the context of this forum I am able to correct it internally and I understand what you meant. Its not a biggie in my world as it appears to be in yours. But you are a high IQ, professional writer and I suppose it gets under your skin. I am certain that its not just me.

    (What I personally think when this happens is : Oh, The Zman made a mistake here. I would point it out but its not really a big deal he will either notice it and fix it or not, no matter, everyone understands what he meant. If it were a major mistake that caused a major misinterpretation of the subject in question then I would be forced to point it out.)

    While I agree that proper spelling is important in effectively communicating, and I do my best to correct what needs to be corrected because I do agree with your point, what is important to me here is my being able to effectively make my observation or point on a particular subject. The transposing of an “E” in someones name is about a (1) on a scale of (10) in my world. In your world by the level of outrage (?) you have taken here it appears to be a (10).

    No matter, Steyn and Petterson happen to nail down the psychology that drives these leftist movements, IMO anyway.

  • wayne

    (lighten up!)
    The whole show is here:
    The Mark Steyn Show with Jordan Peterson
    [April 13, 2017]

  • wayne

    Highly recommend anything by Mark Steyn. His regular show is on Conservative-Review TV, but he does eventually post them up to YouTube for free.
    Any of his appearances at Hillsdale College are gold, as well.

    (And tangentially– he is quite the “high-IQ geek expert” on American Musical Theater & Show-Tunes.)

  • Cotour

    Wayne, I also spelled Peterson’s name incorrectly!

    Too funny.

    Q: Does it matter if no one notices?

  • Cotour asked about his spelling errors, “Does it matter if no one notices?”

    Yes. First of all, someone always notices. Believe me, I know, far better than you.

    Second, being sloppy about getting facts right is why we are in this mess to begin with. The initial post here is about the oppressive security arrangements being imposed on Berkeley, merely because a conservative wants to give a speech. The reason? The leftwing thugs who are threatening violence are very sloppy about facts and have become incredibly ignorant about everything they scream about. And even if they are not ignorant and know they are lying with their bigoted hateful accusations about the speaker, because too many people today are willing to accept what they are told, even if it is a blatant lie, too many people believe those hateful accusations.

    You must always make an effort to get things right. And when you screw up, you don’t make excuses or rationalizations, you simply say, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I will make an effort to do better next time.” This is what I do repeatedly here on BtB when I make an error. It shouldn’t be so hard for you to do so.

  • Cotour

    While I get and agree with your point about being accurate, I think you are going a bit over board here. I have many times corrected myself here when I thought it necessary.

    For you to suggest that I personally be “Embarrassed” do to the transposing of a letter in someones name says much more to me than just pointing out a mistake. Accuracy is one thing, thinking I should be embarrassed is about something else more personal to me.

    I will state once more as I have stated before in a previous and more controversial subject panel where you also suggested I be embarrassed. I am not embarrassed about anything that I have ever posted here.

  • Cotour wrote, “I am not embarrassed about anything that I have ever posted here.”

    Heh. You should be.

    Seriously, I am specifically referring these obvious mistakes and errors being discussed in this thread. When I make an error I am always unhappy about it. That you think it unimportant when you make errors, no matter how trivial, reveals a sloppiness about the seeking of truth that harms your reputation with those who might read what you write.

    Also, my point wasn’t really that you should be embarrassed, but that the repeated spelling error was embarrassing you in other’s eyes.

  • wayne

    yeah, somebody always does always notice.
    Honestly, I’m not sure of (his) correct preferred spelling of Peterson. (I’ve seen Steyn at Hillsdale and have CRTV, so that one I have memorized.) And as well, there are a fair share of videos on YouTube that get misattributed.
    I have trouble with Amity Schlaes and a few others, who aren’t apparently famous enough, to be included in spell-check, or if I’m being sloppy.

    pivoting slightly, if you like Peterson, he was on Louder with Crowder, in May.
    Louder with Crowder #174

    and he just recently spent 3 hours last week on the Joe Rogan Experience #1006.
    all of which are free.

  • wayne

    Ben Shapiro Show #380, 9-11-17
    “the Berkeley hurricane”

  • wodun

    Police will block off the building where Shapiro is scheduled to speak and several other buildings hours before the event starts. Anyone entering the secure zone to pick up tickets must present a photo I.D. Nearby parking lots will be closed.

    It is a mistake to close off buildings and parking lots. This means the audience has no place to seek safe refuge when they are attacked. Closing parking lots also means the audience has to battle their way through the Democrats to even get to the event and then again on the way out.

    A better solution is to keep nearby buildings open to shelter people when they are attacked and to provide secure parking accommodations so that the audience can arrive and leave safely.

    I am not sure how big the secure zone is. It could just be the speaking venue and immediately outside it. There will be unmasked Democrats trying to shut down the event but the black shirts are always on the front line. Where ever that line is, is where the black shirts will be. Unless the entire town is off limits to masks, people will still be wearing the black and using black bloc tactics.

    Looking at the past actions of Berkeley, I have little faith they will be able to stop the Democrats from engaging in violence or “direct action” to shut down the event without using violence.

  • wayne

    Ben Shapiro LIVE at UC Berkeley
    YAF-TV, 9-14-17
    [event begins at 30:00 mark]

  • Has no one on the Left noticed the irony of having to create an oppressive environment (something Progressives used to oppose) to protect people from a situation created entirely by . . . the Left? It’s difficult to credit such a stunning lack of self-awareness with sentience.

  • Steve Earle

    Blair, it depends on your definition of “sentience”…..

    The Left has two parts: 1. The “True Believers” who are soaked in their chosen ideology and react strictly by emotion and a hate of those who disagree with them, after all, if your enemy is EVIL, then you can justify ANY action, no matter how awful or “ironic” With these Believers, there is no introspection or self-awareness, only knee jerk reaction and emotion devoid of facts or logic.

    And 2. The Manipulator/Politicians who see the True Believers as Useful Idiots to be used to further their hidden and not so hidden agenda’s. This type is best described by Cotours S.O.M. (Strategy Over Morality IIRC, is that right Cotour?) They are not concerned with any issue or group, only what the whipped up outrage can do for them.

    There is plenty of sentience with this second type, but it is devoid of any real concern or emotion for anyone but themselves, despite what they say to the cameras….

  • wayne

    Communists Using Racial Agitation And Socialism
    short clip from:
    “More Deadly Than War: Communist Revolution In America”

  • wayne

    “Weather Underground Bombs the Capitol”
    ABC News March 1971

  • Cotour

    Steve Earl:

    Evidence / history indicates that ANYTHING at the leadership level (any leadership level, we are not just talking about American leadership) can be justified if it is deemed essential to proposed essential survival agenda.

    The entity “Government” is Amoral, it is a thing, it is a framework, and any human that is empowered and inhabits those positions of power control within it can develop a morality is optional point of view if the agenda proposed is deemed essential to survival, and if they believe they can get away with it essentially undetected by the moral public, to ensure that proposed essential agenda. These agendas at this level are for the most part either accomplished by “arms length”, “Dark”, “Black” or “rogue” operators and are part of an internal power control conversation rather than a public conversation shared with the public. (“The two conversations”, as per S.O.M.)

    Is Lois Lerner an “arms length operator” fulfilling perceived but unspoken agenda for her leadership? This IMO is a simple and less ominous, low level, real world detectable by the public example. Abuse of power comes in many forms and many levels.

    And “Essential agenda” is obviously a subjective perspective and can change as the inhabitants of the positions of power change.

    Steve Earl, you live on the edge citing my thinking on this subject here on B2B.

    Q: What does “II RC” mean?

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