Bernie Sanders campaign organizer: “I’m all aboard for gulags!”

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In part two of Project Veritas’s new undercover video series focused on the workers in the Bernie Sanders’ campaign, we discover that Kyle Jurak, field organizer, is enthusiastic about the Soviet Union’s gulags, stating unequivocally that he loves the idea of imprisoning millions of Americans who disagree with him.

I’m all aboard for gulags, like, I feel there needs to be re-education for a significant portion of our society.

He also once again shows an incredible ignorance of what happened in the Soviet Union, claiming that those gulags, which in most ways were the Soviet version of Nazi concentration camps, were nothing more than the equivalent of a low security prison where non-communists were merely housed.

The most important statements however by him in this video, embedded below, is his claim that he knows at least four to six others in the Sanders campaign organization that are of like mind. As I noted yesterday, it appears that Jurek might sadly represent a typical worker in the campaign to make Bernie Sanders our next president. I will not be surprised if Project Veritas follows up with more videos to prove this.

I once again beg my Democratic Party readers to watch this video. Most Democrats are decent people. You need to know that the party you support has been badly infiltrated by some very bad people, and that in fact those people quite possibly dominate that party.



  • wayne

    Credit to t-dub from the previous post on this guy–

    “The adherents to mass-movements are identical and interchangeable.”
    from; The True Beleiver
    Eric Hoffer 1951

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson –
    “Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and The Divine Individual”
    excerpted from ‘New Years Letter to the World’

  • Cotour

    Kyle Jurak: An idealistic (With no ideals or moral compass), do nothing, un accomplished, brokeassed, ineffective, socially castrated and outcast, personally ineffective Beta male (Much like “Nick The Knife”, Fumente) street rat millennial who is probably from a broken home or similar. All of which translates into him childishly having to promote and possibly be violent to in some way shape or form reclaim his manhood and power back from the society that he does not fit into and who must pay for his inadequacies.

    And where does someone with these characteristics find themselves empowered? In the presidential campaign of a self described Democrat / Socialist (Read: Socialist with Communistic tendencies and agendas) Bernie Sanders. And Sanders is a near 80 year old presidential candidate who runs as a Democrat who recently had a heart attack and probably has a similar profile as Kyle Jurak but was 2 IQ percentage points smarter than he. Yeah, they are both natural winners (NOT).

    The meaty middle of the real American Democrat party see all of this and are not happy with any of it, and there in lies Bloomberg and his billions opportunity, which IMO is too little too late and too elite.

    The people of America are the audience for the political theatre that is playing out before all our eyes and will comment on the political actors and the job that they are doing very soon.

    President Bernie Sanders, yeah, that’s not happening but I look forward to his representing the Democrat party as their standard bearer. I look very much forward to that.


  • Cotour

    Notice once again, Joe Biden not even a consideration. Not even part of the calculation.

  • t-dub

    Thanks wayne. This story is a little confusing because he was arrested in Iowa on Sept 28th, 2019 for “possession of a controlled substance,’ “unlawful possession of prescription drug,” and “possession of drug paraphernalia.”

    The January 8th, 2020 arrest, which I think was in Idaho but not sure, was for “violation of probation,” “failure to provide proof of financial liability,” indicating that police say he was unable to provide proof of insurance, “possession of drug paraphernalia,” and “operating while intoxicated – 2nd offense.”

    Either way, I think he will be out of circulation for a while.

  • When Solzhenitzen’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’ was published in the US, there was a waiting list for the library copy. I think I got to read it in ’76 or ’77 (and had to renew several times; it’s a tome). The work was part of the national conversation, and cited as an example of the inferiority and oppression of the Soviet system in particular, and Communism in general.

    That was less than 50 years ago.

    It is breathtaking that an American citizen would even remotely entertain these ideas, as they are in direct opposition to the founding principles of the country. The degree of self-hatred is stunning, and requires a lot of effort to maintain. None of this energy goes to the betterment of society, and all of it goes to put a miniscule fraction of people into a position of some power for a short time. From a cost/benefit standpoint alone, it’s a massive waste of effort. People like Kyle Jurak may get some small benefit as they circle power from the orbit of Neptune, but they really have nothing to look forward to but a lifetime of anger and disillusionment. Is that really the future you want, Kyle?

    The entirety of the Progressive agenda in the West the century is personified by these Democratic Party apparatchiks. They are angry losers, but they are what the Beast requires.

  • Chris

    Reports such as these remind me that my firearm rights -all of them (own, transport, practice, purchase ammunition …etc) are existential.

    If you sit through the two Hoover Institution Uncommon Knowledge interviews of Stephen Kotkin on his books about Stalin, you learn that the real thing that made Stalin such a monster was that he truly believed. He deeply believed in communism and he worked tirelessly at it with out any moral limit to stop him.

    This guy; and I’m afraid he is not alone; shows the type of belief system that a Stalin had. He does not seem to have the presence or charisma to lead the revolution he is hoping for but some other zealot may.

    I doubt the majority of the people of Germany nor Russia(Soviet Union) or China, or Cambodia had the strong belief systems in such a totalitarian and violent solution as this guy, but someone did and enough people followed them.

    If we are truly disarmed (as Gov. Northam would like) then we are made more vulnerable and the risk of falling into the type of society that Kyle espouses becomes more of a possibility.

  • Jerome J Hall

    Gulags & Executions: the horse & carriage of Communism!

  • Cotour

    This guy is a BS poser, a lost man boy looking for relevance.

  • Chris Lopes

    Well you know, just because the ideology he worships caused 100+ million deaths in the last century, that doesn’t mean it won’t work this time with the right people in charge. After all, everyday is day zero and the world began this morning. History has nothing of value to teach us.

  • wayne

    Thanks for fleshing that out a bit. (It’s better than I thought!)
    “possession of a controlled substance”– generally charged for possession of non-pharmaceutically manufactured controlled-substances. (given that there is a subset of pharmaceuticals that are ‘controlled’ and ‘Scheduled’ from 1-5)
    “unlawful possession of prescription drug,” — possessing Rx pharmaceuticals, that aren’t controlled but require a lawful Rx to obtain and posses, or prescribed to someone else.
    “drug paraphernalia”– his weed and/or crack pipe and bong, and his rolling papers and mini blow-torch, if he was being belligerent to the officers.
    “operating while intoxicated – 2nd offense,” — getting in deeper. In Michigan, that would entail losing his right to drive and mandatory jail time & drug rehab evaluation, plus a hefty fine & court costs.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson:
    “George Orwell’s Wigan Pier, Marxism and the Working Class”

    “They don’t love the poor, they just hate the rich.”

  • Questioner


    Are you also following your guru Jordan Peterson’s most important advice and cleaning your room regularly so that you don’t come up with the stupid idea of dealing with higher politics?

  • wayne

    Personality Lectures 13:
    ” Existentialism via Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag”

  • wayne


    Foreword to The Gulag Archipelago: 50th Anniversary
    Dr. Jordan Peterson
    October 2018
    “I had the great privilege of writing the foreword to the 50th anniversary version of the abridged version of one of the most important books of the 20th century, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago, a devastating account of the absolute horror wreaked upon the people of the Soviet Empire by the acolytes of the doctrine of Karl Marx.”

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson / Friedrich Nietzsche / Akira the Don
    “The Tarantulas”

    “When they call themselves the Good and the Just, do not forget that they would be Pharisees… if only they had – power!”

  • Edward

    Chris Lopes wrote: “ that doesn’t mean it won’t work this time with the right people in charge.

    I know that Chris is being sarcastic, but I can’t help adding: if a system requires the “right” people in order to make it work, then it isn’t the system that works but it is the people.

    Meanwhile, free market capitalism works no matter who is in charge. Even the wrong people have a hard time messing up free market capitalism. Since the time that India’s socialists and China’s communists started to move toward free market capitalism, between those two countries a billion people have come out of poverty. Meanwhile, the Plymouth Colony’s free market capitalists could not make socialism work, resulting in the death of half the colony within one year, but once they went back to free market capitalism they became so prosperous in the first year that they were able to invite their Indian neighbors to a three-day feast, which we now call the first Thanksgiving (giving thanks that free market capitalism works so well).

    Socialism: death.
    Free market capitalism: prosperity.

    Bernie Sanders and his followers (even those who are not evil) are wrong.

  • Tom Biggar

    He has an interesting past.
    Breitbart is reporting that:
    Kyle Jurek, a field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign, was arrested just days before Project Veritas released undercover footage of the self-described “anarcho-communist” suggesting that Trump supporters require re-education in Soviet-style concentration camps.

  • Cotour

    And the media can not even detect or recognize the story in any way shape or form, just like the Sanders campaign and Bernie himself.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • wodun

    Remember when PV did a sting on the Hillary campaign’s wetwork team? They were planning some sort of chemical attack against a Republican affiliated event and were the ones who recruited and trained “protesters” to infiltrate Trump campaign events and start fights. They even picked out disabled and mentally ill people because they were easier to manipulate and would get better PR from their media allies.

    Why doesn’t the media investigate stuff like this? Instead of answering questions, they act as partners to Democrat’s militant activists.

  • Questioner

    I have to admit that I watch what is going on in America with the greatest fascination and astonishment. I would not have thought that possible decades ago. I mean, of course, the spread of the cultural Marxist virus (or Neo or Post Marxism, as Paul Gottfried calls it) at an incredibly high rate. It’s like wildfire of insanity. How could this have happened? I think it’s the fault of the American elite. Old Marxism died with the fall of the Soviet Union. The new Marxism, which no longer has the working class as a revolutionary object but rather social “marginalized groups”, was imported from Europe to America during and after the Second World War (Adorno, Marcuse, Horkheimer, .. = Frankfurt School). So it’s your fault because you let it happen. Now the Americans have to see how they can deal with it. It may be too late. The seed has risen.

  • Cotour

    Again, your interpretation is not exactly correct, Questioner. You being an extremist.

    Where does all of this Leftist, I.E. love with Socialism come from in America? It in actuality it comes from Americas extreme financial and Social “progress” and success which has further created a living fantasy in the world, in America. And there in those who grow up within that fantasy think that the reality that they exist within is the real reality.

    And that is a false reality. Its a false reality and in real terms a fantasy that sits upon the bodies and blood of a generation that made that fantasy a possibility that are two generations removed from them and which is a direct result of the American Constitution and Capitalism. Not Socialism, not Communism, the combination of the unique American Constitution and Capitalism, sitting upon the bodies and blood of a generation almost all gone, period.

    You will machinate about what is what and why it is that way, but the simple explanation is listed above. To be brought up in such a luxurious fantasy of free choice, access to plentiful choice in food, schooling, housing, etc, etc that is America, so many levels removed from real reality is in some ways a disservice to the up and coming generations. But that is one cost of such a kind of success.

    Where America will find itself in this ongoing cycle is not exactly knowable as we go through these issues, but it will work out as long as we adhere to the Constitution and never allow it to be perverted or hollowed out to the degree that the Left in fact needs it to be perverted and hollowed out to to prevail. The extreme Left, as is the extreme Right the enemy of true freedom as it is in America.

    This is political warfare, it has been that way and will always be that way, have no doubt. And that is how it must be fought, like your life depended on it just like in warfare. There is no perfection that is attainable, just constant process, constant struggle. Its a metaphor for life itself.

  • Cotour

    What everyone misses and fails to properly calculate into the mix of history is one thing, and I have been pointing that one thing that makes America so different, the American Constitution.

    Everyone, like you, seems to talk around it and the paradigm changing potential that it has created in theory and in fact. “America is to become just like the Roman Empire, it will ultimately destroy itself”.

    Not so, not if the Constitution is adhered to.

    And that is why the Constitution is such a stumbling block to the Left or any extremist, Right or Left, who must remove it entirely or hollow it out so as to be just a symbol. The Left and the Globalist / Socialist agenda must have this result to prevail. And I say no.

    PS: Notice that Marxism is a theory, and Capitalism and the Constitution are applied and functioning. One a fantasy yet to be fulfilled, never to be fulfilled, and the other a working and practical way of life.

  • Questioner


    Thank you for your response. I see no connection between the reasons for the general development towards a left-wing state in America, which are described in the article linked above (in an easily understandable way), and your repeated references to the US Constitution. There is no correlation.

    You call me an extremist. That makes no sense. On the contrary, I find it extreme when someone like you denies the truth about the causes of a certain historical development (keyword: cultural Marxism) that has led to the current situation (about which you are right to complain and which is disclosed in the linked article)! This is usually what the left does.

    In addition, it is a tactic of the extreme left to describe practically everybody who is not left wing (and this starts already with the centrists) as a “Nazi”. It is a shame that the owner of these blogs condescends to use exactly the same methods as Antifa. In this context, he must consequently call also Dr. Paul Gottfried a “Nazi”, because the political views of this important political scientist largely agree with mine. I think Dr. Gottfried will then thank the blog owner very warmly. But let’s leave that.

    I wanted to tell you that a constitution can be important, especially if it is done well. But of course, the people (the nation) that have adopted the constitution and that can change it at any time are more important than the constitution.

    The people are the sovereign and not the constitution. The constitution and the state are only tools for the nation (the people) to ensure its well-being and preservation. By the way, it looks like your beloved constitution will eventually be undermined by the left. I admit that this is more difficult in America than in many European countries.

  • Questioner wrote: “It is a shame that the owner of these blogs condescends to use exactly the same methods as Antifa.”

    That is a lie. If I used the same tactics, I would have doxxed you, and then sent thugs to your home to beat you up. I certainly wouldn’t allow you to comment here, even though I find many of your opinions odious.

    I have said that many of the opinions you express remind me of the Nazis. That might offend you, but I am also not the only person who has come to that conclusion, reading what you write. You need to face that fact. Either admit your roots, or realize the similarity and rethink your positions.

  • Cotour

    The American Constitution is a paradigm shifting game charger related to governance, personal freedom and liberty. It is the evolution of the European civilization within which you are immersed, the next step and in real terms is the only thing that has the potential to save humanity from where it will surely and naturally descend to, chaos and blood shed.

    Understand and follow the rules of the Constitution and be forever hopeful and optimistic.

    Questioner, it is up to you to come to understand that fact, and I suspect that this may just be something that although you speak of regularly you really do not understand that potential.

    America has all potentials and possibilities, both good and bad and it is how the people choose to choose their representatives that will tell the tale. And no, its not perfect, and there is risk but its the best hope that the world has. Have no doubt.

    As an example to cite with the vigor that you cite someone like “Nick The Knife”, who when you look into his CV appears to be a young David Duke type in the making.

    “David Ernest Duke is an American neo-Nazi, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, far-right politician, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Duke is a Holocaust denier, and espouses conspiracy theories about Jewish control of academia, the press, and the financial system. ”

    This is what you are communicating when you align with Nick Fuente and anyone would be reasonable to characterize your positions and thinking as Nazi like at the minimum. As naïve as they might be, but that is no excuse.

  • Questioner

    Mr. Zimmerman:

    Thank you for your answer. Maybe we can both agree to be in future a little more careful with certain vocabulary. You enjoy the advantage of being a native speaker and be able to express myself more precisely and accurately than I can. You also have to take into account that certain political terms can have different meanings in America and other parts of the world and that different frames of reference exist. However, it should be always possible in this blog to develop certain alternative thoughts and views without discrimination and not to exclude anyone (and not a special group) from justified criticism.

    But you can breathe a sigh of relief. I will leave your blog now, mainly because it definitely costs too much time and effort. There is also the danger to develop a certain dependency. An unhealthy internet phenomena. I thank everyone involved for the partly lively discussion. Good luck and good-bye.

  • Edward

    You noted: “You also have to take into account that certain political terms can have different meanings in America and other parts of the world and that different frames of reference exist.

    Does this include the term “NAZI?” Does this mean something different in other parts of the world than it does in America? Is the frame of reference that different elsewhere? If so, please explain some of the differences and frames of reference.

  • commodude

    Having been called out as the scurrilous vermin that he is, Questioner departs the scene, likely to return under a new, better screen name.

  • commodude: I do not permit people to comment here under multiple nicknames. I haven’t banned him, but if he returns with a different nickname, I will know (using information not available to the public) and call him out on it.

  • commodude

    Domo arigato, sensei.

    I assumed you tracked the info, thank you for confirming it. It’s just that this behavior is a pattern I’ve seen multiple times on the interwebz

  • Cotour

    I came across what I thought a great illustration of what Socialism, “Democratic Socialism”, its all the same just a matter of degree, and Communism is, and it comes in the form of a Finnish disco dance lesson with the famous (?) Finnish disco dancer, Ake Blomqvist. Watch it till the end when Ake and company really gets going, he is very entertaining.

    This is the dance and this is how the dance will be done, and this is the tune that you will be dancing to, and then go home and do it again the same way tomorrow. No new music or new dance steps, no innovation, not without permission anyway. And permission comes after 10 years of applications are made and the government approves the new music and the dance steps and they are assured not to be subversive. (See: China, Venezuela, Russia)

    Ake and his fellow dancers look like very fine people, I am really not making fun of them, but in this example they only know what the government tells them they know and so they can only dance like “White” people. This is the slippery slope of Socialism, Democratic Socialism and Communism.

    There is just no there there, not for the people anyway.

    There is plenty of there for the people who find themselves at the top and overseeing that everything goes “as it should”. But we can also see that in our own government in all of the self dealing and the enriching of family members by the millions, billions even that goes on so blatantly on both sides of the aisle. And then we told that that was all investigated and nothing inappropriate was found. That’s because the majority of them appear to be doing it and it is now “Normal”.

    AH, power, thou art a fickle, self interested, abusive and perverted bitch.

  • Cotour

    For Questioner: Destroying Cultural Marxism.


    Douglas Murray? Never heard of him, but he makes sense.

  • wayne

    The Death of Europe,
    Douglas Murray
    Hoover Uncommon Knowledge October 2019

  • Questioner

    Cotour and Wayne:

    Many thanks to both of you for your last recent links and posts. This is definitely my last post on this blog, quasi a goodbye gift for both of you. Please listen to what Dr. Paul Gottfried as a whole has to say in the linked short interview. I would particularly like to highlight the minutes after 06:45 min. It is shattering and the full truth. I have never found an interview that describes the sad situation so impressively and clearly, even though the interview dates from 2012. Since then, the situation in Europe has accelerated enormously, as you both know, in a negative sense.

    Craig Bodeker Interviews Dr. Paul Gottfried


    I attacked Jordan Peterson, not because I want to disturb you personally, but because I want to point out that the man is, in fact, significantly different than you might think. Among other things, he is a globalist. Perhaps you will find out for yourself in time.


  • Cotour


    I listened to Dr. Gottfried’s interview, he is well spoken and knows what of he speaks, he was very prescient in 2012. Thank you.

    What he points about Germany is apparently a sad fact and I better understand your perspective and your tendency for extremist views to deal with it. Germany does seem lost as is the EU as a group and a pilot program of Globalism and multiculturalism. I have said this many times before, Globalism and political correctness will lead to all of our deaths if it is not stopped. That is unless a vast majority of people are willing to surrender their ability to think freely, have personal property and retain the right to defend themselves. But I do not see that happening any time soon.

    And my point to you is that America and its Constitution is fundamentally different than what we see in Germany and the EU and around the world, and remains the only real hope to combat such offences to logical and rational thinking related to the subject at hand. And that fundamental difference, the Constitution, is a paradigm shift in how movements like this Globalist / Socialist model are able to be dealt with and at least defanged.

    But the outcome is far from certain if America is allowed to back slide back into the Globalist trajectory where Americans like under Obama were bit by bit surrendering their Rights and country to them. Treason or ignorance and greed, choose one. I choose to classify the likes of Obama, Kerry and those that surrounded them, as well as neutered Republicans and neutered Conservatives as more treasonous than misplaced or confused patriotism.

    (That’s Trump secret weapon, as a leader he does not promote himself as being more moral or truthful as anyone else, his simple message is “America first” and he walks the talk and he delivers. And that makes him unbeatable. Don’t tell anyone I told you that)

    I wish you good luck and warn you against falling into extremist views and irrational thinking, no matter how desperate you get. For that is where people like the young house painter, possibly much like a young and ambitious American who attempts to emerge into the spot light (?), with the little mustache came from.

  • Edward

    It is rather interesting that you chose as “definitely [your] last post on this blog” not to explain about the use of the term NAZI, since, as you said “certain political terms can have different meanings in America and other parts of the world and that different frames of reference exist.” I asked you two questions, but you answered neither.

    We do not seem to understand your frame of reference for the use of the term “NAZI” or your suggestion that Dr. Paul Gottfried also be called a “NAZI,” unless you believe that those you view as globalists are NAZIs. I rather enjoyed your suggestion that you may also consider yourself to be a NAZI, when you said that: “In this context, [Robert] must consequently call also Dr. Paul Gottfried a ‘Nazi’, because the political views of this important political scientist largely agree with mine.” Since the context was the violent Antifa (Anti First Amendment) group, I wonder about your own political views and methods and how they may also agree with Antifa.

    But, alas, you have posted your last comment on this blog, so we must forever wonder about your frame of reference and your true views.

    Then again, you use the nickname “Questioner,” not “Answerer,” so I suppose that expectations that you would answer questions was unreasonable. On the other hand, my expectation that you seek answers to your questions seemed reasonable at the time, but because you are leaving us behind, maybe you do not seek answers after all. Unless, perhaps, you only seek answers that are in agreement with your views and frame of reference.

  • Cotour

    I think Questioner in his desperation related to what is underway in his country seeks a solution, and unfortunately the only seemingly effective solution is offered by the extreme Right. There really is no other solution in his and his country’s situation, they have been sold out and the structure within which they exist does not allow for a different result.

    Without the unique American Constitution and not understanding it properly and the potentials that it offers but does not guarantee if adhered to, Questioner is a bit lost. I think he came here to spread his “solution” but may have left with a bit of a different perspective (?).

    And if so then some progress may have been made.

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