Bertha is stuck under Seattle and the taxpayers are going to have to pay millions, if not billions, to get the giant drilling machine moving again.

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Bertha is stuck under Seattle and the taxpayers might be required to pay millions, if not billions, to get the giant drilling machine moving again.

Failures like this do happen, but to me they seem to happen routinely to modern big government projects. I wonder why.



  • joe

    You think maybe its turned into a cash cow?

  • Cotour

    Like the banking / mortgage system and anything too big to fail the risk calculation in many of these contracts has been removed or lessened to a degree to be essentially non existent. The mitigation of all kinds of risk shifted to the federal, state or local government is essentially what is killing our nation, in my opinion on purpose.

    Government in the current thinking mode that it is allowed to operate has unlimited deep pockets that are attached to the pants of the populous, every financial instrument that exists at these too big to fail levels today is unfunded and has been pushed off into peoples lives who do not even exist today and may not exist for a generation or two or more. Sustainable and best practices? I think you know the answer to that question.

    We live today in a world where our government has melded with the top of the corporate world that back door funds it and essentially runs it, this condition, like it or not, is known as Fascism, the American version of Fascism.

    Who will be your big money endorsed candidates in 2016? A Bush and a Clinton. I will vote for neither, not that voting will have any effect on the situation.

  • Cotour

    PS: These corporations that operate at these levels have no allegiance to country, their only allegiance is to a corporate world view and the power of their money. Keep in mind that the majority of corporations that employ most of the people in the country are very different and play by the rules that the majority of Americans play by and are constrained by. All the United States provides for these multinational corporations is an enforcement function of law and military power. These are my conclusions if there is no real push back by the people of America, as sad as that is.

    Bush? Clinton? Its all the same, one world corporate view equals the loss of American sovereignty and the further usurping of the Constitution. Ever wonder why what your government does does not make sense to you AT ALL? That’s why IMO. Its not about you any more, not that it has always been about you from the beginning but its much, much less about you now.

  • wodun

    Hmm, it got stuck again? Remember the last time when they thought they found some prehistoric building and stopped for a month or two? Turns out it was a loose hydraulic hose or something.

  • Cotour

    Evidence of my observations from today’s news:

    Creating unlimited obligations is a form of modern slavery, Obamacare, U.S.Postal Service benifits, too big to fail, its all the same. Modern slavery to debt equals control through fear of failure.

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