Big money for California air pollution researchers

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The next time anyone tries to point out how “Big Oil” or “Big corporations” are using their financial clout to squelch research into air pollution, the environment, and global warming, refer them to this story:

Nineteen California professors earning more than $300 million in grants from the government to study air pollution have issued a letter demanding more air quality regulations, which they can then use as a foundation for earning more government grants studying air pollution.

The environmental movement likes to talk about how big corporate money pays for all the environmental skepticism we see in the press, and if that money disappeared the debate would vanish and everyone would agree with them. The trouble is that most skeptics I know, including myself, get nothing from big corporate money. Instead, it is the environmental movement that gets gigantic amounts of cash from the federal government, run by politicians like President Obama, who has a very pro-environmentalist bias and wants his scientists to confirm his religious belief in human-caused global warming and the evils that humans do to the environment.



  • Cotour


    Why did the Muscular Dystrophy association fire Jerry Lewis from the telethon so abruptly and without
    explanation ?

    Was it because Jerry just believed it? Or is it true? Dr. Joel Wallach says it is.

    Always follow the money and incentive.

  • wayne

    This clip just never fails to make the point–

    “Casablanca; I’m shocked…”

  • wayne

    Cotour– interesting link. I was not aware of Jerry Lewis being fired from the Telethon.

    I am aware that great strides have been made recently in the treatment of M.D. from a pharmaceutical development standpoint. (& FDA foot-dragging against.)

    Don’t want to go all tangential,– The March Of Dimes, as an example, didn’t close shop after the polio vaccine was invented, they just morphed into the birth defect Charity Business. I would hope, the MDA people haven’t morphed into a crony institutional charity.
    (Other than that, I know nothing of that Dr. & not really a fan of the work of jerry lewis, although in France they consider him a god, and he’s been hosting that marathon for decades, for which I do applaud him.)

    The California air-pollution scammers, well… is anyone really surprised!

  • Cotour

    I happened to watch this Globe Treker video on their trip to Antarctica, it was the host on an expedition type sail boat sailing around the different scientific stations, nicely done, looks like a great trip.

    This is a short clip:

    At the end the host who is watching ice bergs calving from the face of the glaciers comments (I paraphrase)

    ” We all have to do what we can to save the ice”

    A statement that when ever I hear it makes me shake my head, the implication to me appears to be that humanity has actual well defined and understood control over these activities of the earth that we live on.

    Its like there have never before been seen something called an iceberg, and there has never before been a shrinking glacier. If a glacier is shrinking surely it at some point in the past it had grown.

    I shakeith my head.

  • Garry

    It’s even worse than that, Cotour, in many cases icebergs calve because they are the ends of glaciers, in effect, large, slow-moving rivers of ice. When the ice forms at the upstream end, the mass exerts pressure downstream, and at some point the ice far downstream has to go somewhere. Yet, every time a major iceberg calves, it’s cited as a case of loss of the icecap. A short-term shrinkage of the glacier trumps the long-term growth that led to its calving.

  • Cotour

    I suppose they rationalize and choose to see glaciers and calving ice as they see elephants.

    Preserving elephants we can actually do something about, we can guard them, we can make protected areas for them to live, we can save their embryos, we can shoot poachers etc. etc.

    Ice to their thinking is like an elephant, the rest of us just have to begin to think in these terms and the the ice will stay static I suppose.

    I guess static is the condition that they believe the earth should now operate in?

  • Max

    I saved a newspaper article declaring that most of California’s pollution comes from India, Indonesia, and China. I did a search and found an article by NPR with an excellent vid by NASA aerosol satellite GEOS5

    This short video of different components in our atmosphere illustrates the best case for how complicated our atmosphere is. (It would also make a great screensaver!)
    The first thing I noticed was that the United States produces very little aerosols. The red colored dust from the globe and Sahara desert was very telling. The green and yellow colors of soot from fires in Central Africa, northern South America, South Indonesia, Burma, India… The white of volcano irruption between Madagascar and Africa. And cities that emit so much white (Sulfur) that they look like volcanoes. Such as Melbourne Australia and Salina Cruz Mexico.
    Hawaii has a black footprint for which I cannot explain.
    Also what caught my eye was the blue aerosol of salt mist from the ocean. The catabolic winds that flow from Antarctica drive the Antarctic polar vortex which causes extremely strong storms that circle Antarctica ice shelf. Salt mist main component is chlorine (which is blamed for the ozone hole) Chlorine from chlorofluorocarbons, which some is man-made, doesn’t put a dent in how much salt chlorine is in the air around Antarctica. No wonder they never baned chlorine from swimming pools, drinking water, washing machines. CFCs were politically incorrect and not a real problem. (Dupont made billions from the CFC replacement)

    Point is, our current climate is very complex and the omissions of the United States is not part of the problem as compared to other continents. Someone must pay, and the only ones with money appears to be the bank of the United States. (I know I miss spelled emissions but it seemed appropriate)
    California just wants in on the chuckwagon buffet for the free money. It’s hot and fresh and won’t last forever…

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