Bill to pay federal workers will not pay those not working

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UPDATE: Thanks to my readers (see comments below), it appears that the essence of this story is wrong, and that the bill did provide for payment of salaries, even to those who did not work during the shutdown, essentially giving these federal employees a free paid vacation. What makes it even more galling is that federal workers generally are paid about twice what employees in the private sector get, and also get far better benefits, including vacation and sick time that is far far far longer. Now they get a cherry on top of that.

Some fiscal sanity enters Washington: The bill passed and signed this week by President Trump to pay federal workers will only provide pay to those who actually worked during the government shutdown.

While this might seem cruel to these workers, it is no different that the reality experienced by everyone in the private sector, and it is very fair to the taxpayers.



  • Brendan

    Done in such a way that he can RIF the rest…

    I hope!

  • Kyle

    With that in mind, I kind of hope this shutdown lasts another month. We need to trim down the size of the federal government, but nobody wants to do it. This might be a step in the right direction, make this shutdown permanent and “re-open” the federal government with a smaller workforce within its budget. Then when that runs out, shut it down again, and send another batch of non-essential federal employees home, reduce the workforce again and “re-open”. Private companies do this all the time, and do you know what happens to all those layed off employees if they are good? They get new jobs and different companies.

  • Kirk

    The DailyCaller appears to be in error. It says, “However, the legislation is specifically for workers who are working with unpaid status during the partial shutdown, not for those on furlough. ” But the bill summary on states, “This bill requires employees of the federal government or a District of Columbia public employer who are furloughed or required to work during a lapse in appropriations beginning on or after December 22, 2018, to be compensated for the period of the lapse.” And the text of the bill itself states, “Each employee of the United States Government or of a District of Columbia public employer furloughed as a result of a covered lapse in appropriations shall be paid for the period of the lapse in appropriations, and each excepted employee who is required to perform work during a covered lapse in appropriations shall be paid for such work, at the employee’s standard rate of pay, at the earliest date possible after the lapse in appropriations ends, regardless of scheduled pay dates.”

  • John

    As Kirk posted, the text of the actual bill reads as if the furloughed will receive pay. Furloughed means both essential employees who go to work unpaid, and non-essential employees who do not report to work.

    The washington post story referenced in the daily caller article says furloughed employees aren’t going to get paid, but traditionally do get paid after a furlough.

    So many lies, can’t even tell what’s the truth is anymore. The washington post is leftist and I would put money they want to support the political talking point that the poor federal employees aren’t getting paid. Can’t put on the TV or radio in this area without hearing that some federal employees can’t make ends meet. And that started before they even missed a check.

  • Kirk: Thank you. It therefore appears that the swamp has won again, and screwed the taxpayer.

  • wodun

    Boo!! There was almost some sanity to the process.

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