Bill to trim BLM/Forest Service power

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Good news: A new bill has been introduced in Congress to take all law enforcement powers away from the BLM and the Forest Service on federal lands and transfer those powers to local sheriffs.

It is always better to have control and power decentralized as much as possible. Having these lands administered and controlled by a bureaucracy in Washington has never made make sense, and was always really a power play between the federal government and the states.

This bill is part of a larger movement coming from the western states to restrict the power of these environmental agencies, who happen to control a vast majority of the territories of those states. With Congress increasingly shifting to the right in recent years, expect this movement to accelerate.



  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    Bet my wife that Obama vetoes this bill if it passes.

  • Wayne

    -It has to get out of the House first & I doubt Mitch will bring it up in the Senate.
    While Chaffetz does have an admirable 82% Conservative-Review score, he has been unreliable for some key votes recently.
    While I applaud any effort to trim back the State, these type of Bills are often election-year “show-votes” at best.

  • Max

    Be careful what you wish for. When government steps back, it’s usually a faint for an aggressive move forward that you were not expecting. Like the Hydra, you think you’ve cut off one head only to have two grow in its place. Here is a bill from a former BLM employee that changes everything.
    The BLM is about to morph into a new creature!
    I believe a sheriff in Arizona just got his powers affirmed by the Supreme Court? This Bill will probably restrain or eliminate his powers if Arizona passed a similar bill without knowing what was in it… House Bill 459 is coming to a state near you.

  • Max

    As an update, The new bill has been signed into law by the Utah governor. The BLM will now be known as the DLM. It has its own police powers, yet to be formed and defined, that answers to a committee appointed by the governor. (appointed from a list suggested by the federal government? of cronies that will dictate what mining, water rights, grazing,?…that will be performed on former BLM land?)
    As the law is written, policing powers will still reside with the sheriff, or city police for local crime but will have no authority over the CLM police force on BLM land. When they arrive, The sheriff must give way if asked to leave.
    Get your bids in now before the land wars begin. Hopefully, highest bidder be a US citizen. China hads just allocated $10 billion for foreign acquisitions of land, (mining and farms) chip technology and other worthy holdings. Germany, England, and Saudi Arabia have also made purchases and are not far behind China in the rush to own everything…
    Remember the good old days when Japan was buying up properties everywhere? It appears that we will be following their lead as we decline.

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