bin Laden killed by U.S. military

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Justice: The U.S. military finally tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden yesterday.

Some additional information and analysis:



  • Kelly Starks

    Some Mandays actualy start out really well.

    Factoid, Hitlers death was also announced on May first in ’45’.

    Appropriaet company I think.

  • Blair Ivey

    “Taliban vow revenge for bin Laden’s death”. I think if I’d watched a nation knock over two medium-sized countries, defeat the world’s fourth largest army with almost casual ease, take the fight to the aggressor in the opponent’s own backyard, and track down and kill the head of the world’s most visible terrorist organization while maintaining one of the world’s highest standards of living, I think I’d shut up and try not to draw attention to myself.

  • Kelly Starks

    But Blair, suggesting that just shows your disloyal to God.

    Obviously this is all just to test you’re faith..


    Also when yuo staff with folks who were recruted with adds talking about why live in disgrace when yuo can die gloriously — they might not connect well with sensable reality.

  • LINO

    It’s February 22, 1980 all over again—-this time with turbans!

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