BLM demands removal of police float from gay parade

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Bigots: Black Lives Matter is demanding the removal of a police float during a homosexual pride march in Vancouver.

BLM are making this demand for one reason: They are bigots, and to their bigoted view of life, all cops must be racists, even those who, with good will, want to get together to build a float and want to march in a gay pride parade.

I should add that in general, I find gay pride parades bigoted in their own way, as they also celebrate group rights rather than individual rights. All you have to do to understand what I mean is to imagine this being a White Pride or a Heterosexual Pride march, and you will immediately see what I mean. Such marches would be considered quite offensive. Yet, they really are no different than a gay pride march.



  • Cotour


    Why is it that when you hear president Obama speak on violence or police shootings you are left intuitively feeling that he has really only justified the shooting of white police officers and incredibly offers encouragement to militant organizations? (He and his Attorney General, the head of law enforcement) He attempts to ride a line between the words he uses and their meaning in order to appear presidential and even handed. You would think that the president of the Untied States Of America would speak for all of the people of America, that he would be able to rise above his self identified societal group. Attorney General Lynch sends her message of support to Black Lives Matter.

    But he does not, he can not, he says the “appropriate” words and try’s to make them sound as though he has the backs of law enforcement, but you know, not so deep down he means something other than the words that are coming out of his mouth. The results of his continued subtle incitement is in my opinion giving these mentally disturbed people permission, encouragement and justification to proceed with their murderous plans. I hold him accountable, but then at some level I forgive him because the perverted and disrespectful culture is the culture that he has grown up in and is what he believes in. But that only goes so far, and then I am forced to see him as he is and what he is, a perfectly positioned clandestine un American operative and provocateur and an enemy of all of the people of America.

  • Edward

    The Only Black Lives Matter group is an example of why the answer to “kill baby Hitler” is always “no.”

    These people demanded dead police officers, and that is what they got.

    The Only Black Lives Matter group has become exactly what they claim the police to be. Except worse, because no police officers ever called for the deaths of innocent people, but the Only Black Lives Matter group does.

    The evil, bigoted, hateful group says, “Having the institution [police] participate on a float in the organized festivities of the actual parade is inappropriate and insulting to those who came before us to make Pride celebrations possible, some of who even died for the cause.” Even after getting its demand fulfilled, the Only Black Lives Matter group has no remorse for its call for dead police — who died for the cause of public safety because of those calls for their deaths — only continued hatred.

    Hopefully, the parade organizers will reject the hatred coming from Only Black Lives Matter.

  • Localfluff

    Black Lives Matter. More than others…
    The left’s unholy marriage between gay rights and Islamist’s rights, don’t work together. Either all gays are holocausted, like in all arape countries in the world and in the history. Or all arapes are holocausted. Finally! Pick your choice, those are the only two possible futures. Either all the murderer’s are executed for their hate crimes, or all their victims, including YOU and all members of your family, by the government are passively allowed to be murdered in torture by the terror of muslim stone age tyrants.
    How easy a choice isn’t that to make!

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