Blue Origin unveils first completed BE-4 rocket engine

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The competition heats up: Blue Origin today unveiled to the public its first completed BE-4 rocket engine, being built for its New Glenn orbital rocket as well as ULA’s Vulcan rocket.

More important however was that the company expects the second and third engines to come off the assembly line very soon.



  • LocalFluff

    Isn’t it a problem for Jeff Bezos that he is running total hate propaganda against the president in his WaPo? That the president has said that Bezos’ Amazon is an unhealthy monopoly that should be regulated. So, that same Jeff owns a company Blue Origin that is looking for monies from the president’s NASA and from the ULA who are dependent on not alienating the president.

    And Jeff Bezos bought WaPo in order to *improve* his political influence!? It shows how one bad idea can ruin all good ideas realized before it. I doubt BO will ever fly anything to orbit unless Jeff Bezos sells it all.

  • Tom Billings

    “Isn’t it a problem for Jeff Bezos that he is running total hate propaganda against the president in his WaPo?”

    The pissy attitude towards non-progressive politicians is why Bezos bought WaPo in the first place, and I think Trump realizes it. By 2011, it was obvious that the US politics, under Obama, was becoming like Chicago’s. In Chicago, any retailer who doesn’t want to be shut down regularly for “permit inspections” and other government interference in their operations will make regular contributions to the Cook County Democratic Party, and will put a sign in his window stating his adherence to the Party.

    Amazon, where Bezos gets his capital for Blue Origin from, is the planet’s largest retailer, and he needs it to *not* be treated to the sort of raids that shut down Gibson Guitar for much of Obama’s presidency. So, in 2011, he bought the broke WaPo, and kept it running even though it was losing money, as his sign in the window. It’s like owning a snippy snarling little dog for show, that has to be walked in public, though. If he believes that the Democrats might win the 2018 and 2020 elections, he will want to kept the snarling little beast as his sign that he was “faithful through all 4 horrid Trump years”.

    However, on the day of his first meeting with the rest of the Trump presidential advisory board for 2021, I would counsel all employable WaPo employees to have other jobs already lined up, or even be at other employment already, because the years of losing money will be an excellent excuse to finally put the nasty little beast down. He knows that Trump, despite his other faults, is *not* a Chicago pol, like Obama was. So, he’s got time to be sure of his footwork before he makes this move.

  • ken anthony

    The Raptor appears to be about six months ahead. These engines are going to be game changers.

    I don’t expect politics will affect the competition much.

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