Blue Origin’s CEO gives an update on the company’s rockets

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Link here. According to the CEO, Bob Smith, they are making good progress on developing their BE-4 rocket engine, and also expect to test fly New Shepard again in a few weeks.

In both cases, he admits that development has taken longer than expected. For example, in discussing New Shepard, he said the following:

Smith said Blue Origin is still planning to start flying people on its New Shepard suborbital spaceship by the end of the year, after further uncrewed tests. “We would have loved to have flown more, earlier, but the design incorporation didn’t go as quickly as we’d like it to,” Smith said.

I have no idea what he means by “design incorporation.” The bottom line however is that they have had issues that slowed things down.

The article provides a lot more details. Overall, while he says nothing that contradicts earlier reports, he provides a good summary of the company’s status.



  • Tom Donohue

    Wrong thread, but FYI .. The next Falcon Heavy launch scheduled for Mid-June is now listed as delayed on SpaceFlightNow.

  • mkent

    Testing reveals deficiencies in the design that causes change orders to be written. “Design incorporation” in this case means incorporating those change orders into the released engineering, manufacturing planning, etc. I suspect it also means manufacturing or retrofitting vehicles to the new design.

  • pzatchok

    I still say that for Blue Origin to make money at these PoGo flights they will have to make it a whole day event.

    Offer a high end hotel stay at their facility for the night before.
    Have morning ‘classes’ on what to do in case of an emergency both in space and on the ground.
    A basic physical to make sure you can take the stress of the trip.
    A pre lunch launch.
    An after ‘mission’ debriefing.
    Hand out the souvenirs and photos.

    Pretty much everything before the flight is just to add to the excitement and to fluff up the value.

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