Boehner digs in on spending cuts, saying $33B is ‘not enough’

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The Republican response to the various Democratic claims that a budget deal is imminent: There is no deal, and $33 billion in cuts is “not enough.”



  • Kelly Starks

    >> “We’re continuing to talk, but the stuff that’s left is the stuff that Reid is telling [negotiators] they can’t budge on,” the GOP aide said. <<

    I don’t get what Reed was playing at by claiming they had a deal, then when Boehner said that was wrong, claiming the “extremist” tea party forced Boehner to back down? Obviously Boehner is not going to back him up – and after that would be even less willing to deal or trust Reed, and given the popularity of the tea party with the public, Reed isn’t going to win voter support? Also Reed’s demands to be in charge just seem like he wants his last 2 years heading the senate to be – interesting.

  • Kelly Starks

    Follow up. Seems Reed thought if he said Boehner had agreed to a deal but was backing out, Boehner would agree to anything to not look like he was the obstructionist.

    Didn’t work out that way.

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