Boehner steps down

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Good news: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) today announced that he will resign as speaker as of the end of October.

I’ve already seen a number of stories suggesting that Boehner’s second-in-command, Kevin McCarthy (R-California), is the likely replacement. McCarthy would not be much different than Boehner, except that he will know that the conservative wing of the Republican Party was able to force out his predecessor for not supporting conservative objectives. I expect we will thus see the House leadership develop a little more spine in future conflicts with the Democrats.

This is all part of a long term process. Every election that increases the number of conservatives in Congress increases their ability to achieve their goals. Nor is this unusual. I saw the same thing in the 1960s. At the time the public wanted Congress to pass very leftwing legislation. Congress wasn’t willing to do it. It took a decade, until the late 1970s, before Congress had followed the public’s lead and become as liberal as the public.

There is always a lag. I expect the conservative momentum to continue to accelerate in the coming years.



  • D.K. Williams

    I doubt McCarthy will get it.

  • Darwin Teague

    I have read that he made a deal to fully fund everything until 0bama leaves office. Planned Parenhood, his amnesty plan, the Iran deal, etc. The fact that he isn’t leaving until the end of October lends credence to this theory.

  • David M. Cook

    Good! I’m glad he’s decided to leave on his own, before we have to can him!

    I recently read an interview in which he said he pursued the position of Speaker because it was the highest position he could achieve. He said NOTHING about helping the country or responding to voter’s desires, just his own personal achievement. We don’t need this self-serving S.O.B. taking up this very important position just because he can! I say good riddance!!!!

  • Cotour

    He did his damage and will now move on to his Wall Street rewards for a job well done (as far as Wall Street is concerned).

    ” before we have to can him!”

    That’s a funny one, you should be a comedy writer.

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