Boeing names its CST-100 manned capsule Starliner

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The competition heats up: Boeing today unveiled “Starliner” as the new name for its CST-100 manned capsule.

This intensifies the competition because the new name is something the public can grab and identify. As long as Boeing was using the boring acronym they were holding back to stay in the boring do-nothing pork-laden government-funded NASA environment. Grabbing the public means they want the public to buy this product.

Posted from Spokane, Washington.



  • wodun

    I liked CST 100 better.

    Welcome to Spokane. You missed the smoke. You missed the dust. You missed the awesome late summer weather. But you made it in time for rain :)

    Have fun at Pig Out in the Park

  • Steve

    I agree, the name “Starliner” evokes thoughts of the Pan-Am ship in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

    The CST 100 is a capsule, a nice capsule to be sure, but it’s not a sleek craft that speeds large numbers of passengers in comfort to faraway destinations…..

    And BTW, where is the AT&T picture phone I was promised? :-)

  • PeterF

    Gee, all it makes me think of is a 1950’s Ford that burns oil and has electrical problems…

  • D.K. Williams

    Silly name

  • David M. Cook

    The Pan Am ship from the movie was named the Orion III, as is the capsule for the SLS (Stupid Launch System).

    Like Pan Am, AT&T is essentially gone, but at least you’ve got the picture phone, just not from low Earth orbit!

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