Boeing strikes deal to avoid harsher ethics probe in NASA’s lunar lander scandal

Boeing has struck a deal with both NASA and the Air Force in order to avoid a harsher and more extensive ethics probe into its part in the NASA lunar lander contract bidding scandal.

The agreement, signed in August, comes as federal prosecutors continue a criminal investigation into whether NASA’s former human exploration chief, Doug Loverro, improperly guided Boeing space executive Jim Chilton during the contract bidding process.

By agreeing to the “Compliance Program Enhancements”, the aerospace heavyweight staves off harsher consequences from NASA and the Air Force – its space division’s top customers – such as being suspended or debarred from bidding on future space contracts. The agreement calls for Boeing to pay a “third party expert” to assess its ethics and compliance programs and review training procedures for executives who liaise with government officials, citing “concerns related to procurement integrity” during NASA’s Human Landing System competition.

Since Loverro resigned in May, Boeing has fired one company attorney and a group of mid-level employees, three people familiar with the actions told Reuters.

The deal seems like a bureaucratic whitewash, designed to take the heat off the company. And since Boeing as a company has many problems, I remain skeptical that any of this will make a difference in getting things fixed.


  • pzatchok

    Has that plane been fixed yet?

  • John

    I’d bet that the third party ethics company they’re forcing Boeing to pay can be linked to the swamp via corruption.

  • James Street

    On a positive note Boeing does have a diverse workforce.

  • Jeff Wright


    This is all nothing new.
    The tanker scandal, the EELV theft from LockMart before they became one big happy fleet under ULA.

    This shows one failure of capitalism—go public and you can lose your soul.

    There is a new book called “Winning Space” by Weichert. His friend wrote the book on China’s coming collapse. But Weichert himself understands how China pushes for real advancements.

    Another book you should read is: CHINA THE BUBBLE THAT NEVER BURSTS.

    Boeing needs better leadership.

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