Boeing to bid CST-100 for ISS cargo contract

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The competition heats up: Boeing has submitted a bid for the next round of ISS cargo missions, proposing to use its CST-100 manned craft as an unmanned freighter.

The cargo version of Boeing’s CST-100 spacecraft will be based on the crewed version the company is developing for NASA, said John Mulholland, Boeing commercial crew program manager. Boeing will remove spacecraft components not needed for crew missions, like its launch abort system and environmental controls, to free up room in the spacecraft for cargo. The cargo version of CST-100 would, like the crewed version, launch on a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket. The cargo version will also be able to return cargo to Earth, landing in the western U.S. like the crewed version.

This makes sense to me.



  • Pzatchok

    I wonder what it feels like to build a Lamborghini just have it used like an old pick up?

  • geoffc

    Did they say if they will berth (CBM wider port) or dock (PMA/NDS narrower port) with the cargo version?

    NASA wants 2 open ports when you attempt to connect. So there is primary CBM (earth facing Node 2), and backup CBM (sky facing Node 2). They are re-arranging the station so that the up facing CBM will get PMA-3 + NDS interface attached and will be PMA/docking backup. And MPLM will be moved from Node 1 earth facing onto Node 3 (forward facing port), freeing up the CBM as backup.

    So if a crew vehicle is on station using PMA-2 (forward facing Node-2) then could a cargo dock to PMA-3?

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