Bolden says Orion to be scaled back

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Surprise! NASA administrator Charles Bolden told lawmakers on Monday that with the new budget the Orion capsule had to be scaled back somehow.

Watch over the next few years as Orion and the new heavy-lift vehicle (the program-formerly-called-Constellation) slowly evaporate, even as both cost us billions in money we no longer can afford.


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  • Kelly Starks

    Bolden didn’t say that in the article you linked to. He said “that development of a congressionally mandated deep space exploration capsule can proceed under an existing contract with Lockheed Martin but that the scope of work might have to be revised because the budget outlook has changed since the deal was first negotiated.” and that there may be no need to modify the Orion contract because “the existing Orion contract, as a deep space exploration vehicle, easily maps to the scope of what we call a Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle.”

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