Boycotting the boycotters.

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Boycotting the boycotters.

I’ve said little about the Rush Limbaugh kerfuffle this week, mostly because I consider the whole thing to be a manufactured scandal created by the Democrats to distract everyone from their effort to squelch religious liberty. However, this fake scandal has now morphed into a campaign to destroy Rush Limbaugh, which when you consider it is quite consistent with the Democratic Party’s general lack of respect for freedom and personal liberty. First they came after the church, now they are going after one of the more important commentators in the conservative movement.

It doesn’t matter whether you agree with Limbaugh. What matters is that this effort to destroy him is really an effort to silence any criticism of Obama and the liberal/leftwing agenda. Such attacks cannot be supported under any condition. These cowardly businesses that are fleeing Limbaugh, and thus are supporting a leftwing form of McCarthyism, should be made to suffer for this cowardice.



  • rush’s comments were so counterproductive to the conservative cause I can’t help but think it is some kind of conspiracy . maybe he’s just totally crazy . anyway i think free market forces are silencing him because what he has said does not inspire many companies to want to sponsor his show . if anything its not an attempt to silence critics of obama i see it as an attempt to silence someone who is hurting the conservative cause by saying crazy stuff

  • jwing

    For years the country watched SNL’s Point/Counterpoint skit with Dan Akroid and Jane Curtain without the slightest outrage when Akroid replied to Jane every Saturday night, “Jane, you ignorant Slut!” during the height of the feminist movement. Surprisingly, SNL was never boycotted. It’s amusing to note that as the Baby Boom Generation has aged, they seem to have lost their elitist, sophisticated, cutting-edge sense of humor of the late 1970’s.

  • jwing

    I called the sales deptartment of and told them that we are changing our data security provider due to Mr. Friend’s (CEO of Carbonite) abject politicizing of Rush’s misstatementand subsequent apology. I expect my data security provider to be an objective, non-political business partner. How can I trust my personal emails and business documents/accounting records to a company that blatantly chooses to make a political statement by ending its sponsorship on Rush’s radio program.

  • Publius II

    This whole episode really has nothing to do with religious liberty or mandatory health insurance coverage. It has everything to do with Obama’s slippage among women voters and his political strategists attempting to whip up support by falsely portraying the Republicans as waging “war against women.” It’s all been carefully orchestrated, beginning with George Stephanopolis asking Mitt Romney about contraceptives weeks ago. As for Rush, he should not have apologized, or at least said he would not apologize until the miscreants of the media (Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, and others) apologized for the vile comments they have made against Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and other conservative women. And as for Ms. Fluke, what exactly do you call a woman who wants others to pay for the supplies she needs to engage in recreational sex?

  • DDZ

    I found Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute every bit as offensive as I found Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a C**t. This ugliness is unacceptable, no matter who does it.

  • Advertisers that have pulled their ads:

    Sleep Number
    Sleep Train

    Start your own boycott.

  • John M. Egan

    When is Bill Mahr apologizing? Oh, that’s right- you don’t have to apologize if the offense is against a Rep. or conservative!

  • wodun

    Rush wont have any problem finding sponsors.

    The other angle is which Obama donors stand to profit from a presidential mandate that the entire female population receive their products at the expense of the government.

  • Sayomara

    Honestly I don’t think any of those companies are anyone I wanted to do business with before this mess. I guess its not going to happen now either.

  • JGL

    Rush rightly appologized in writing to Ms. Fluke on Saturday for using two words that he really should not have, and then on Monday on his show he again appologized for

    using those words and explained in detail that what he did was below him and his standards and that he lowered himself to use the tactics of the liberals he despises.

    I was concerned about the situation until I heard Rush on Monday expertly weave his way through his appology, and it was a sincere one IMO, as it should have been.

    He layed out and connected the whole issue and incident in its proper context. Brilliant!

    Rush will be fine.

    PS: This whole BS issue is only the tip of a very dark iceberg.

    Clear your head and keep your cool when discussing this issue and insist on intellectual honesty from those you speak with about it.

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