Britain’s citizens want their guns back.

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Britain’s citizens want their guns back.



  • Chris L

    Too bad. They really should have thought of that before they gave their government the power to take them away. Since the state rarely surrenders power except at bayonet point, it is unlikely that ownership of firearms will ever be legal in Britain again. If necessary, the state will simply launch a massive campaign to re-educate the people into believing that guns are evil again. If that doesn’t work, they’ll just import a whole new group of (more subservient) voters to retain power.

    The above is why the Founders made owning firearms a constitutional right instead of just making it a law. Since it takes more than a temporary majority to take a right away, the citizenry is likely to stay armed (and thus the state polite) indefinitely.

  • Orion314

    Anytime people give up freedom for security , they deserve neither…

  • Pzatchok

    They can own firearms.

    Its just real expensive and very restricted. If you count GB as part of Europe its actually one of the more legally lax nations to own a firearm in.

    I think one of the more restrictive rules for gun ownership they have is the reason to own law.
    You have to not only have the place to use the gun but a reason to own it. Then you have to be signed off by your local law enforcement agency.

    Shotguns are actually more common than many think, many farms have them.

    Try getting a handgun into your own home in Germany. Its easier to get it through the airports.

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