British bureaucrats offended by “gingerbread man”, rename him “gingerbread person”

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Political correctness gone mad: British bureaucrats, offended by the term “gingerbread man” on school menus, had the menus changed to read “gingerbread person.”


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  • Cotour


    A biological man who is now a transgender woman competes in a woman’s bicycle race and amazingly……………wins!
    (The transgender winner in the picture is standing in the middle on the stage)

    This is a prime example of political correctness and how it is fundamentally flawed and unfair. Political correctness for all of the “equality”, feelings and compassion it is based on will in the end kill everyone. Like I told a Liberal lady today. “If a Liberals mouth is moving and words are coming out of it they are lying”. You can only lie so long before reality catches up to you and serves you up a nasty dose of itself as a reminder and re-instruction. Refuse to listen and in time you will be no more.

    The #2 rider from Europe said: “I can only imagine what she had to go through in her life to be where she is now, how hard it is to fit in,” she added.”

    What this person has had to go through in their life has not one thing to do with fairly competing in a sports event when they were born a man and is now a transgender woman and is competing against women.

    Life as a general rule is not fair, might it be a better idea for transgender people to compete against transgender people of the same transgender? That seems the more fair and respectful to all arrangement to me.

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