Brownshirts shut down student Trump meeting

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Facists: A collection of leftwing, Marxist, Black Lives Matter brownshirts crashed the first meeting of a Students for Trump club forming at Portland State University, shutting it down and threatening the participants.

I have posted the video below the fold. Be sure to watch it all. There is no doubt that if and when these fascists gain power they will use it to oppress and persecute anyone who disagrees with them. In fact, they readily admit on the video that they are doing this now, gleefully. Their hate is palatable.


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  • David M. Cook

    Portland itself has been heading left for some time now. I decamped from there in ’89 & have no desire to return. Now these types are in charge of both the Oregon house & senate and we’ve got a gay governor. Oregon is now where the US was in 2010, with the socialist/democrats pushing through all kinds of leftist laws and abusing every legislative rule on the books.

  • wodun

    It’s amazing that the Trump people are supposed to be hateful and violent yet its always the Democrat’s militant activists that are always hateful and violent.

  • Edward

    From the article: “Latino students were shoving the Trump students out of the way, another student encourages others to join anti capitalist groups, they shut down and silenced the pro Trump group … and it ends with the socialist students gloating about shutting it down and promising to come back if Students For Trump holds another meeting.”

    Once again, the left equates disagreement with hatred, perhaps because that is how they think. As shown here, they hate anyone who disagrees with them, therefore — they think — anyone who has ideas they disagree with must also be hateful people.

    Meanwhile many of these protesters came from places that likewise stifle free speech. Not knowing any other way may be why they practice the socialist, anticapitalist, totalitarian ways of the country that they came here to escape. If only their university (and high schools and grade schools) had taught them American civics.

    Although I disagree with the pro-Trump students, I agree with Evelyn Beatrice Hall (although the quote is often misattributed to Voltaire): I disapprove with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. My advice to them is: whatever you do, don’t shut up.

    (Robert, I think the word you intended to use is “palpable.”)

  • Matt

    The last hope for your country – my dear US-follower of this blog – is Donald Trump. Be aware of that simple fact. A foreigner.

  • Edward

    Trump has shown that he is willing to shut down the speech of those he finds disagreeable. He is not in any way, shape, or form a hope for this country.

    If he truly is the last hope, then we should abandon all hope, as we have already passed through the gates of tyranny.

  • Cotour

    One strategy may become to develop for Trump as he is ushered to the side lines through the usurping of the Republican party members votes is for him to not run as a third party candidate. This would just ensure a Hillary or maybe even a Bernie win, who knows at this point? But to endorse Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party, and drive his disenfranchised voters there and then restructure that party to be a bit more realistic.

    The real world possibilities for real effective strategies to destroy these corrupt organizations grows as the Republican and Democrat leadership push the envelope on what is acceptable in a Democratic system. The people are soooo pissed off that change of some sort may actually be possible.

    (not that the powers that be would not immediately just infiltrate the new paradigm with the money and power that corrupted the last paradigm. But it would be a form of constructive destruction IMO)

  • Wayne

    Well said.

  • Edward


    I find it amusing that Trump is complaining about Colorado *after* he didn’t get what he wanted rather than complain about the rules before the caucus. Not only does it make him seem unaware of how to make the political system work for him (how well would he do as president?), it makes him look like a big crybaby. Do we really want another president who whines at us all the time?

  • Cotour

    Edward, you point out the current political paradox:

    Do we want someone who is sooo familiar with the current political machine / system that they are essentially part of it, or do we want someone that has not been on the inside before and will certainly suffer a learning curve upon becoming the president?

    And yes, Trump has many warts and blemishes that I am also uncomfortable with.

  • Edward

    That is not a paradox with Trump. He clearly is not on any kind of learning curve. Rather than learn from his losses, he complains that the field is not in his favor, and since he has more current delegates than anyone else, he feels entitled to all the rest.

    Hmm. That sounds rather like the thinking of a progressive liberal Democrat.

    Recent word is that Trump has been closing his campaign offices and firing his staffs after each state’s primary. This leaves him with no campaign ability after a successful nomination. Either he has not surrounded himself with the best people for the campaign job, or he has no intention of winning the presidency (as though there is a difference in these two scenarios). These are beyond warts or blemishes, these are indications of either supreme incompetence or surreptitious malice against the Republican Party.

    I am beginning to believe the conspiracy hypotheses that Trump is actually a plant intended to disrupt the Republican campaign for president in favor of a Democrat victory. It certainly explains why he takes so long to guess at every actual Republican position on any topic.

  • Cotour

    If you going with the conspiracy angle, lets try to understand the possible motivation that would drive such actions as putting yourself in the position of becoming a player in the presidential race.

    A threat against his entire business operation?

    Trump is the real Manchurian candidate and actually hates America and wants its sovereignty and Constitution destroyed?

    Trump is really a secret Hillary supporter and they arranged his popularity and eminent political failure at the convention to ensure her success?

    The powers that be will really do just about anything in order to acquire and retain power. That I have not one bit of doubt about.

  • Edward

    Don’t need to answer your questions, as the conspiracy only requires that Trump benefit from the eventual president.

    Trump gets more free stuff when certain people are in power. He may believe that he can get even more free stuff if he were in power, himself, as most presidents have left office much more wealthy than when they took office than the salary can explain.

  • Cotour

    Are you talking about Hillary and not Trump now, right?

    This is about “free stuff” IYO?

    Like parting gifts?

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