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From the press release: In this ground-breaking new history of early America, historian Robert Zimmerman not only exposes the lie behind The New York Times 1619 Project that falsely claims slavery is central to the history of the United States, he also provides profound lessons about the nature of human societies, lessons important for Americans today as well as for all future settlers on Mars and elsewhere in space.

Conscious Choice: The origins of slavery in America and why it matters today and for our future in outer space, is a riveting page-turning story that documents how slavery slowly became pervasive in the southern British colonies of North America, colonies founded by a people and culture that not only did not allow slavery but in every way were hostile to the practice.  
Conscious Choice does more however. In telling the tragic history of the Virginia colony and the rise of slavery there, Zimmerman lays out the proper path for creating healthy societies in places like the Moon and Mars.


“Zimmerman’s ground-breaking history provides every future generation the basic framework for establishing new societies on other worlds. We would be wise to heed what he says.” —Robert Zubrin, founder of founder of the Mars Society.


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Brownshirts try to silence conservative speaker

The coming dark age: Ben Shapiro speaks at California State U, despite fascist mobs, violent threats, and an attempt by the college president to silence him.

Be sure to watch all three video clips at the first link above. One shows Shapiro speaking as the fire alarm goes off. The other two clips show the hostile mob outside. The contrast is striking. All the mob needs are pitchforks and torches to complete the picture.

That it was possible for the left to harness such a large mob so quickly in an effort to silence Shapiro’s dissent suggests strongly to me that we are heading for very bad times. In a few short years, the students in that mob, who far outnumber the peaceful students who came to listen to Shapiro, are going to have powerful jobs and influential positions. And these fascists are going to be eager to use that power to squelch their opponents.

Addendum: Be sure to read this comment at the link from someone who was there. It is really frightening. As she notes,

I know from this site and others that this is what goes on. But actually being there and being shoved and taunted and blocked from hearing a speaker … it’s just another dimension. You can’t believe the insanity. You can’t believe the completely undeserved sense of moral superiority coupled with the simmering threat of violence. Really, really disheartening. …

The Young Americans for Freedom gang are a brave, brave group. Just completely outnumbered. Talked with one of them from the Reagan Center and she’d met Professor Jacobson and Mrs. Jacobson when they were at the center last year.

Seeing that in person, I think we’ve passed the point of no return. It’s not something you fix. It’s a stain you can’t get out … a complete mess. You cannot reason with people who refuse to listen to reason. At one point, one of the protestors was telling the guy next to me that Ben Shapiro was a racist and a supremacist because he was an Orthodox Jew, and thus should not be allowed to speak.

Tolerance. Behold.


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  • Orion314

    you don’t solve the problem of fascism by being kind and loving to the brownshirts..just like with roaches, , extermination is only the beginning….In WWII , fascism was considered the greatest threat to civilization in the 20th century…now, just another annoyance…sigh

  • wayne

    Scary stuff.
    Ben Shapiro is a young, Conservative, Rock-Star. Had a chance to see him in person at Hillsdale College last year. (1 off-campus protester who was treated with the utmost respect & did not disrupt the event.)
    Hope you are not right Mr. Z., but I think you are. All the more reason, IMO, to get a solid Constitutionalist in office, asap.
    –Is this 1968 all over again? (That’s how, in part, we wound up with a Nixon.)

    Hopefully awaiting the SpaceX launch this evening!

  • Every time these monumentally ignorant and hateful people pull one of these stunts, they strengthen the case for private firearm ownership. The 2nd Amendment was created specifically to protect people like us from people like them, and at some level, they know it.

  • BSJ

    Here’s Trump saying he start gutting the Bill of Rights, if elected.

    Seems he starting at the top of the list. 1-2-3-4…

  • BSJ

    You keyboard commandos need to get a grip. Are you really advocating starting a civil war?

  • wayne

    Had not heard Trumps promise to “change the libel laws.”
    What is scary about that, is I can’t tell if he’s just saying that to tap into the Voter distrust of the Media, or if he actually believes it. Either way, he’s displaying fundamental totalitarian viewpoints I could never support.
    He’s a public figure and has actively cultivated that status over 30 years. Trump can sue anyone he wants over “libel” but he has little if any “standing” to do so. (And the truth, is an absolute defense.)
    –Throughout our history, newspapers in particular, were always partisan-concerns & people knew exactly where they stood on issues and candidates. Only in the last 75 years or so, did they start to claim they were “neutral observers.”
    -If Trump doesn’t think his media acolytes aren’t prepping to absolutely destroy him, he’s not thinking straight or is cynically calculating that his True Believer’s won’t care.

  • Cotour

    The moment that a popularly elected Trump, or anyone else for that matter, attempts to subjectively interpret established law and Conservative, objective interpretations of that law he or she must be slapped down and reinstructed by the Congress and the Senate, with extreme prejudice.

    This is of course is assuming that Trump, or anyone else, is only and just about ego and has absolutely no awareness of or knowledge of or appreciation for Democracy, the Constitution and the application of benevolent carefully thought out power and what it represents and literally means.

    Our country may need a form of leadership that may incorporate some forceful and unambiguous direction but when the individual empowered by the people of America forgets what they are there for and the parameters that they must in general operate within then they also must be stopped out and as soon as possible replaced. And on and on it must go until the people are satisfied with their choice.

    The people of America are PISSED OFF with the leadership of both party’s but are not will to surrender and give up their Constitution.

  • BSJ: It’S already started, and the Left instigated it.

  • pzatchok

    The lefts ignorant attacks will not stop until they themselves, with NO prompting from their perceived enemies, the right; realize just how far they have gone.

    I am sorry to say but those of us on the right will have to have a few martyrs to the lefts eventual violence.
    And those on the left will evolve and turn to violence. It will happen.

    In order to convince the left that they have become the fascists, the victims of their violence and over reach will have to be viewed by them as passive true victims. Their targets can not be right leaning protesters other wise they will be viewed as having deserved it.

    I have witnessed this before.
    A local union was striking and as the weeks went on they became more and more violent drawing in more and more outside supporters.
    The local police being good union members let things go on as long as it was only property damage.
    The local news organizations refused to report on or film it because of their own unions and outright fear.
    The union started peacefully just protesting and eventually firebombed the company bosses car in the company parking lot. They were even stoning passing motorists cars.

    It only stopped when an innocent mother of three was walking by going to the grocery and she got hit by several rocks and sent to the hospital with severe head trauma. Only then did the union finally stop the strike and dissipate the protesters. The union inside the next three days gave up, signed the contract, and went back to work.

    Student protesters will have to get VERY violent. The students will only stop when they see the blood on their own hands.
    Their professors will only stop when they realize just how badly they have been teaching those young people.
    And for the administrations to gain the courage to fire the professors who don’t change their ways they will have to see that they are also responsible for the blood because they let things go on to long.

    No amount of protests or”lessons” from the right will change any of their minds.

    Teach our own children correctly and pray they don’t get caught up in the violence or fall victim to the teachings of the left.

  • Steve Earle

    Individual Leftists may learn a lesson or pull back here and there if an innocent or three is hurt, but the movement won’t.

    It’s too widespread, too embedded in the schools. The prominent leftists know that violence is a path to power.

    I am afraid that only something on a national scale, or even a global scale will wake up enough people to make a difference across the entire country now.

    When 9-11 happened, there was a temporary reversal of course, but it only lasted a few months at best.

    It may take the loss of one or more entire cities before the public has an epiphany….

  • BSJ


    So you’re saying you’d be justified in shooting your fellow citizens?

  • Cotour

    Forget about the Brown shirts, look out for the leadership of both party’s.

    Lets not discount who is doing the reporting lets understand who is thee biggest threat to the establishment, Cruz? Rubio? Not by a long shot. This really is the dirtiest game that humans play. Lets see how these prognostications work out.

  • Edward

    Pzatchok wrote: “The students will only stop when they see the blood on their own hands.”

    I’m not so sure. About a year ago, there was a protest that started on the UC Berkeley campus, moved into the streets and into Oakland, and an innocent shopkeeper was hit in the head with a hammer. The students continued protesting for several days after the incident.

    It seems that liberals have a hard time seeing any blood on their own hands.

  • pzatchok


    Who is advocating violent insurrection against our own citizens?
    And exactly how?

    Are you just looking for some reason to hate someone? To dislike us?

    If the left advocates for taking our guns what should we do?
    If they want to teach, indoctrinate and train our children in things we do not agree with what should we do?
    If they want to shout us down and push us out of public speaking forums what should we do?

    We either surrender fully and become and do everything the left wants us to do.
    Or we protest like the left is now and meet violence with violence.
    Or try the Gandhi way and passively resist and take the beatings and death until the left learns and gives in.

    And please do not say compromise. Compromise is a fallacy. A lie.
    The left asks us to no longer have full auto weapons. What are they giving up? Nothing.
    They ask for us to give up semi auto weapons. What are they giving up?
    They whine about having forums for their viewpoints but advocate to close ours down.
    They want free speech for themselves but not for any opinions they don’t like.
    They cry to have Christian symbols and religions out of public buildings and schools but now advocate for Islam to be in those same areas.You can add in their new age isms along with environmentalism.
    They fight for tax free status for all their charities but cry tears when a religious charity gets the very same treatment.

    Have you ever heard the statement” I might not agree with what your saying but I will fight to the death for you to say it.”?
    We on the right still believe in that saying. Does the left?

    Please tell us what we should do to make the left happy and leave us alone.

  • BSJ

    “Please tell us what we should do to make the left happy and leave us alone.”

    Out debate them. Get rational people elected. I know, that’s a lot harder than just blowing everything up…

    This is civil war in the 21st century. Is that what you really think is the best solution?

  • wayne

    pzatchok wrote:
    “Please tell us what we should do to make the left happy and leave us alone.”
    -There is nothing we can do to make the Left happy & they will Never leave us alone! They are like locusts, devouring Freedom & resources until they bring us all down into their twisted utopian world.

    BSJ wrote; “Out debate them. Get rational people elected. I know, that’s a lot harder than just blowing everything up…”
    Amen brother!
    –The Progressives have spent over 100 years dragging us down & one election will not fix it.
    They follow a simple rule & they stick with it; “One step forward, two steps back.”
    At the Local level– elect true Conservatives to the School Boards, Dog-Catcher, Drain Commissioner, etc., — every single elected-office there is available.
    At the State & National level– same thing.
    The Left has completely secreted themselves into all levels of our Government & they are dug in for the long haul.

    Conservatives have historically not engaged in mass activism; we prefer to mind our own business, raise our families, and earn a living, but the price of Freedom is truly, eternal vigilance.

    If we are resolute, unwavering, and persistent, we might be able to accomplish this in one generation.
    If we fail to act decisively at every single opportunity, we are condemning our children & grand-children to a dark future.

    Check this out– (Parts 1,2, and 4 are excellent as well)
    “In our Hands–How to Lose What We Have.”

  • wayne

    — generally agree with your comments (so please don’t hate on me!) (–not that you would, have, or are.)
    — I must however, draw the line with Alex Jones & Info-Wars;
    I’ve studied Alex for years, there is indeed a kernel of truth in most everything he says, but it’s a twisted, convoluted type of illogic. ( to be clear; I would never suppress him, he has an absolute right to believe & say what he wants.)
    –Can’t believe he, of all people, would support Trump.

    As for all the discussion on “Civil War,” and violence;
    -Personally, I’m well-armed. I hope I never have to defend myself against my own Government, but if push came to shove, I know exactly where I stand.
    -I intend to die on my feet, because I will never serve on my knees. (NEVER!)

    In the trash-heap of History, all this Statism B-S, inevitably ends with barb-wire & death-camps.
    It really is, “The Road to Serfdom,” and I will do ever legal thing in my power to prevent it.

  • Cotour

    Wayne, you assume that I am of a sensitive and or vindictive nature regarding points of view and confrontation, I assure you I am not. If I disagree with you you will know about it in as straight forward a way as is possible, sometimes using sarcasm, with supporting information (as best as can be determined) and other philosophical and psychological and historical supporting information.

    As far as Alex goes I fully agree with your assessment, there is something there at the foundation but the additive hype sometimes goes a bit too far. Keeping that in mind I trust none of them any where near absolutely, any news talking heads nor any empowered or aspiring politician, none. That’s why I included the qualifying statement “Lets see how these prognostications work out.”

    On Alex supporting Trump, if you are to take Alex as he presents himself he is against the establishment machine that is dealing our American freedom, sovereignty and Constitution away. There are some reasons to see Trump in those terms. And we will see how those assumptions work out in the coming months and years if he is empowered.

    On your having to die with your boots on, I suspect that if and when things get to that point the patriots that inhabit the military will have to, if they have not all been compromised, take matters into their own hands and realign our Constitutional interests.

  • wayne

    No problem. Did not intend to ass-ume. (Often agree with you, quite a bit.)

    I check out Alex fairly often (Mark Levin however, is my Main-Man!) but just when Alex starts making sense– he goes completely off the rails. (At least he’s not funded with our tax-money, ala PBS & NPR. More power too him, it’s still a relatively free-country.)

    Full-disclosure, Cruz is my choice. I’m just sick of holding my nose & being forced to go with the rino-of-the-day.

    I must admit– Trump was initially very appealing but in the final analysis, I could never support him.
    In my humble opinion, people are projecting onto Trump, what they want to believe he will do, just like they did with Obama. Cruz, I truly believe, is a known Conservative quantity.
    –I hope this is “1980” rather than “1968,” as you will recall the rino’s hated Reagan.

    Hopefully awaiting the SpaceX launch tonight!

  • pzatchok


    “Out debate them. Get rational people elected. I know, that’s a lot harder than just blowing everything up…”

    With this one simple statement you have just proven why the left will NEVER accept the rights arguments.

    You used the word ‘rational’. Thus implying that all right wing politicians are not rational. That all right wing arguments are not rational. That our beliefs are not rational and thus should be ignored.
    By stating that any argument you disagree with is irrational you openly state that you are not willing to empathize with your opponent and even try to see things from their viewpoint.

    How about telling me the rational argument that will make liberals give up abortion?
    How about the rational argument that will make them leave my guns alone?
    The rational argument that will make them leave my religion alone?

    Your comments about blowing things up and killing people are an irrational and over dramatic extrapolation of things never said here. Its our window into how you think we are. You are projecting your misconceptions on us.
    Either back up your statements about the people here or basically your being a bigot.

  • BSJ

    I’m guessing you would consider Trump to be rational. I don’t. Nor do I consider him to even be right wing! But he keeps saying stuff you guys like to hear, so now he’s the new Reagan. Pure fantasy.

    There are two guys in this thread itching to ‘exercises their 2nd amendment rights’ against those they disagree with. And even one calling to a military coup. Are their statements really too subtle for you to interpret what they mean?

  • Cotour

    I saw my friend who I am going to send to Slovakia after Trump becomes president this morning, she is going to cut out some articles about Trump in the New York Times for me. It apparently points out Trumps abuses for using imported labor on one of his projects and also his failed attempt at starting an alternative to the NFL (failed attempt. A private business man risks capital and in this instance lost).

    She thought this a momentous revelation. I then pointed that Hillary and Bill made $153,000,000.00 million dollars for speeches over the last 14 years. That’s $11,000,000.00 million per year, $910,000.00 thousand per month, $30,000.00 per day, $3800.00 per hour in an eight hour day. Plus the fact that Goldman Saches paid her $600,000.00 for three speeches, each about an hour long, I won’t do the math. For giving speeches?

    I asked her if she saw anything off about that, a retired president being paid massive amounts of money after his administration and a projected president being paid massive amounts of money before she may become president.

    “That’s capitalism she replied”. (she thought that that response was a brilliant observation and counter response to my question. I shamed her for her gross double standard. She walked off drinking her coffee and I swear that I am beginning to see a distinct twitch developing in her face.)

    And there is your answer about the ability for a Liberal to be rational.

  • wayne

    I’ll step into this one last time.
    –just to be clear on my perspective:
    -I do not advocate or condone violence, to achieve political ends in our Country. (doing violence unto other Country’s is a different debate.)
    -I own perfectly legal weapons & am in no rush to use them.
    Do not think Trump is a Republican, at best he’s a Progressive rino, probably a Progressive Democrat at heart.
    (My man is Cruz. Rand, Santorum, Mike Lee, all good choices.)

    Let us all not forget, there are more of “us” than there are of “them.”
    – Democrat Party has been taken over by the lefty Progressives.
    – Republican Party has been taken over by rino-Progressives.

    I truly believe a majority of the people are onto this nonsense, and I am trusting us all to make an informed decision.
    –It really is “that-serious” this time around. The Economy is going to collapse again, the World is an increasingly hostile place, and Nature abhors a vacuum. That’s a recipe for disaster, especially when we have become almost totally un-tethered from our Constitution & our historic way of life.

  • Edward

    wrote: “They are like locusts, devouring Freedom & resources until they bring us all down into their twisted utopian world.”

    It is a dystopian world. It cannot work, and it is hardly a utopia.

    BSJ wrote: “But he keeps saying stuff you guys like to hear, so now he’s the new Reagan.”

    Gee, Trump says just about everything, so some of it is bound to make each person happy at some time. “You can fool some of the people some of the time…”

    I don’t know who ever suggested that he was even remotely like Reagan, who had strong, unwavering conservative beliefs. Trump changes his words with each poll or outcry. To suggest that he is the new Reagan is pure fantasy indeed.

    BSJ wrote: “There are two guys in this thread itching to ‘exercises their 2nd amendment rights’ against those they disagree with. And even one calling to a military coup. Are their statements really too subtle for you to interpret what they mean?”

    I am pretty sure that you are inferring far, far too much into what you read, here. Perhaps what you think is subtle is, in reality, not implied. Are you sure you are not projecting your own subtle inner feeling onto others?

    Cotour wrote: “I shamed her for her gross double standard.”

    Are you sure that she was shamed? My observations are that liberals have no shame and even take pride in their hypocrisies and double standards.

    Eagerly watching the SpaceX launch, currently the clock reset to T -11:40 and now counting again after a long hold.

  • BSJ

    Ed, Cotour has suggested that Trump may grow as a leader and be like Reagan.

    Yeah, I own lots of firearms too. I even know how to use them. Made Master and High Master in two Long Range disciplines. Been in the NRA since I was a kid. (I should be processing another 1000 5.56 cases as we speak, instead of stuck in this pointless discussion)

    When people say things like the Tree of Liberty needs to be watered again, or they want to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Eliminating the so called enemies of the “real” America, civil war is exactly what they want! The Bundy idiots in Oregon are a prime example. I hang out with guys that say stuff like this all the time, so I know exactly what they mean!

  • Cotour

    To be very clear BSJ, I am not one to mistake Trump for Reagan, Trump is Trump and Reagan is Reagan. Reagan is dead, I do not constantly look for the next Reagan, I look for the next leader who can raise themselves up and become more than they currently personally are because they understand that when the people of America empower them they assume a high responsibility. My ideal person related to this high metric of personal responsibility is George Washington. Reagan to certain degrees certainly did raise himself up and became more than rather than less than, IMO anyway. He gets a gold star.

    Sounds corny, but that is how I measure what we are measuring here. There are not many who can pass the test, most fail miserably, and it remains to be seen if Trump is one of the few but I see potential. (call me crazy)

    What interests me about Trump is that he is an asymmetrical type person / politician who is highly driven and has force of vision ( force of vision = being able to manifest your imagined goals. I do not believe that everyone understands that term / ability), and like I have stated IF he can raise himself up above his ego and obsessive compulsive nature he IMO has the potential to set the country on a very different course, what ever that may be. Hopefully reconnecting with the concepts in the Constitution and rejecting this New World Order / One World Government trajectory that we have been set on by in my estimation G. Bush sr. and the neo con agenda.

    (and to be clear again, I have no problem with America owning the world or controlling the world or heavily influencing the world, but not if along with that agenda America and its inhabitants must relinquish their sovereignty, and their borders and their Constitution. That is treasonous to my thinking and must be stopped out.)

    Its a crap shoot but some of the best things grow out of crap.

  • pzatchok

    And BSJ has still not answered a single question of mine.

    Just keeps subtly calling the people here kooks and right wing gun nuts.

    But finds some reason to tell us he hangs out with people like that and hears them talk about revolution all the time. But doesn’t agree with them.
    Then gives us the I’m an NRA member line.
    And tells us he competes in sniper shoots and reloads 5.56n.

    Is this to make us empathize with you or your way of trying to make us think you empathize with us?

    But yet all your previous statements indicate you lean left and thus vote democrat. You vote for the very people trying to eliminate your very own hobby.

    If your statements are true. You must think your not the eventual target of the left.
    Possibly a loyal union cop. Maybe even on the sniper/assassination squad.

    By the way, Trump is not my guy but I would vote for him over ANY democrat.
    Especially the anointed one Hillary.

  • BSJ


    I never said I vote democrat. I said I’m anti liberal. Voting against democrats is not the same thing as being “Conservative”. But given the way things are, my only viable counter vote is for a republican.

    And yes some of you here are right-wing kooks. Trump is a kook. Palin is a kook. Support either of them and you’re a kook too.

    Never said anything about sniper shoots. It’s called High Power and F-class. If you don’t know what those disciplines are, look it up. I shoot long range with a 5.56, because it’s hard to do.

    I’m a atheist Texan in Vermont. Yep, I hang out with the kookie right and the wacky left. I am a majority of one.

    Again. I’m a Constitutionalist. I support all of it. I don’t just pick and choose what parts one side might like and ignore the rest!

    My vote against Hillary isn’t going to count. VT’s 3 electoral votes are going to the democrat, no matter what. But if you think I’d ever cast a vote for someone that defends re-tweeting Mussolini quotes, you are nuts!

  • Cotour

    I will put my two cents in here:

    WHICH STATES ARE VOTING ON SUPER TUESDAY? Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will hold nominating contests for both parties. On the Republican side, Colorado will hold its caucus, but not award any delegates based on the outcome, instead allowing its 37 delegates to remain unpledged. Alaska will also hold its Republican caucus, while American Samoa will hold its Democratic caucus. Additionally, Democrats abroad will be able to cast ballots during the first week of March.

    Eight of the twelve states that will vote on Super Tuesday are Southern or Western states, clearly places where if a Republican candidate can dominate their Republican competitors it will result in them eliminating most all of them. You might argue that Trump is exercising great discipline in controlling / tailoring what his message is and who he is sending it to.

    Call it pandering, call it what you like, again first you must win and eliminate your party competitors before you can eliminate your counter party competitors. This is the dirtiest game and so you must play by the rules that present themselves and invent some that only you will employ. For example: See Rubio and his desperate attempt at negative personal comedy against Trump.

    “Mussolini quotes”, “Supporting the KKK”, “Hitler comparisons” these whether you realize it or not are strategic narrative manipulation attempts that are being employed by the media to muddy the waters and to paint a negative picture in the public’s mind. By Trump not jumping immediately to counter what is being said he retains a degree of control over the message, this is not able to be done by many other politicians.

    (Never allow some other than you to set your agenda)

    He is nuancing the public discussion, retaining HIS message and dominating the press / media / establishment who for the most part want to take him down and out. And BSJ eats it like cotton candy, enjoy.

    I am not saying that this is so much a part of pure discussed political strategy but a combination of Trumps natural intuitive communications talents and a general discussed political strategy with his “people”.

  • Edward

    BSJ wrote: “or they want to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.”

    I don’t think that I have read too many people here suggesting that they wanted to “exercise their Second Amendment rights” in the same way that your friends, BSJ, do. Most of us just want to protect ourselves, hunt, control feral wildlife, shoot old-fashioned weapons or like firing black powder (my brother does this), collect rare or unusual weapons, etc. There are several more mechanisms built into the US Constitution to protect our rights and liberties from the growing tyranny that the Founding Fathers predicted, before another revolutionary war would be necessary, which they also predicted (although at least one of them thought that this would be necessary every couple of decades, not centuries).

    It seems that Americans used to value their liberty more than they do now, and it could be that some of your friends, BSJ, still do but fear that the other options are unlikely to work.

  • pzatchok

    “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.

    Actually the quote is pretty good.

    Unless you want to live like a sheep.

    I also like Niccolò Machiavelli and his work The Prince. It speaks straight to the truth and for this many people dislike it.
    Sun Tsu was a bit long winded and hag a little to much Taoist philosophy in it but he had some good stuff also. He is known for chopping the heads off of concubines.

    Just because an idea, quote, or theory comes from someone viewed as evil or bad does not mean its a bad idea, quote or theory.
    To discount one because of the other is childish. Or at least short sighted and possibly bigoted.

  • Cotour


    But if the media and your opponents are trying to paint someone as a fascist or a Nazi or worse in the minds of the public those sayings come in handy, no matter how true or reflective of reality they may be.

    It works well for whomever employ’s it.

  • Cotour

    Listening to liberal radio this morning (The Brian Leher Show) it is clear that they are essentially saying / implying that Trump is plainly a card carrying member of the KKK and a devote of Mussolini.

    If that is their metric for reporting or promoting such things I think it fair that we and they begin to characterize Hillary Clinton as a facilitator of rape and the violent abuse of women and a supporter of “rape culture”.

    Lets call her the First Lady Of The Defense Of Rape Culture And Male Domination.

    This statement about Clinton is well supported by actual documented facts about her words and actions related to the defense of her husband and his lies about his abhorrent sexual behavior and her politics instead of these implied, or rumored alliances, or “beliefs” of Donald Trump.

    Actual truth over rumor, what a concept.

  • pzatchok

    Actually David Duke came out and said that he never endorsed Trump.
    that he was misquoted and was only advising his friends on who would a better choice.

    More than likely he was just asked who he would vote for and said Trump. After that the reported turned it into some type of full blown endorsement.

    Remember last week I said that the MSM had not started its real attack on Trump because they want him as the republican candidate? Well hike up those boots and get ready for the real nasty to hit the fan by the end of the week.

  • wayne

    Wow, this thread never ends!

    -I tend to ass-ume (which is dangerous in itself :) ) that no one here is going to change their mind about whom they support or why they do so.

    Hopefully awaiting the launch of the SpaceX rocket this evening!

  • Cotour

    What Duke said or what Trump said is not at all relevant, the media and political spinmeisters will make what ever they can make out of it for their own agendas.

    I really do not have a problem with it because that is how the game is played, but, I want ruthless counter measures to be liberally used in the response to over paint the opposition with much worse imagery, starting with actual truth.

    Truth is really hard to get around especially if you continually jam it home.

  • Cotour

    “-I tend to ass-ume (which is dangerous in itself :) ) that no one here is going to change their mind about whom they support or why they do so.”

    I will vote for whom ever is not a Marxist, Leftist, Liberal or Progressive with a “D” after their name and so will most everyone else that reads this. I am gambling that there are a majority of my fellow Americans who when push comes to shove will do what needs to be done, holding their noses or not.

  • wayne


    Personally, I just can’t hold-my-nose through a 3rd Presidential election. Bush gave us Medicare Part D, McCain & Romney refused to attack Obama, & faced with Trump, I’m just not onboard with his brand of progressivism. “I want to believe, but I can not.”
    They burned me 3 times in a row, and I refuse to be taken a 4th time. (What a sucker I was!)
    -My Primary isn’t until next week, but I’ll vote for TED, no matter what happens today.

  • Cotour

    So isn’t what in essence you are actually doing is default voting for Hillary?

    The person in this election cycle I would never be able to vote for was Jeb Bush, and I can enumerate the reasons if you already do not know from what I have been writing. But I will vote for whom ever in the end is the candidate for the Republican party and I will choose to see that vote as a step in the right direction. It is not going to be “the” one and only solution but one step in a many, many stepped journey.

    And then again, and then again, and then again.

  • wayne

    naw… too nuanced. I always make a choice.
    (>let’s archive this thread!)
    –In my Primary, I’ll vote for Cruz, no matter what happens today.
    If it’s a Hillary vs. Trump cage-match, I’ll vote for the Libertarian, (
    – I never vote for the democrat candidate at any level, (not even dog-catcher) I always Vote, especially in local elections, mixed between (non-rino) Republican & Libertarian.
    ( our School board endlessly pushes millage increases in off-years & “special” elections, just trying to wear out the citizens, and whacky people like to be elected Kings of their own little fiefdom’s no matter how small,– be aware of who runs the Drain Commission or is on the School Board, for example. To be clear, I’m not anti-government at all, I’m pro Limited Government & holding my elected officials accountable as best I can, at whatever level. )

    This year, I believe Cruz is the right man. To me, he is my version of a Reagan ( he’s not Reagan, only Reagan is/was Reagan. I voted for Reagan 4 times -Primary & General.) and with Cruz I know in my heart, 100%, he has the best interest of the Country in mind & he’s smarter than hell.
    Yeah– I wish Cruz could speak like Reagan, but he doesn’t. This time, I’m going with my gut & backing the geeky-kid from 9th grade in Chess-Club & not the class-clown or the Homecoming King (or Queen.)

    Good discussion by all concerned.
    –Let me know how it turns out!

    Going to listen to Mr. Z on some “The Space Show” podcasts I downloaded.

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