Buzz Aldrin’s son acts to block his father’s access to his assets

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Sad: Andrew Aldrin, son to Buzz Aldrin, has moved to try to block his father’s access to the funds in two of his financial accounts.

Andrew Aldrin’s lawyer sent a letter last month to an associate in Morgan Stanley’s private wealth management division with instructions not to transfer any assets in two financial accounts in a trust of which Andrew Aldrin is a trustee. Buzz Aldrin, 89, has tried to terminate the trust and wants the assets distributed to him.
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, member of the first landingBuy Photo

The letter from Andrew Aldrin’s lawyer warns Morgan Stanley that the son, acting as trustee, will seek damages if his instructions aren’t followed. “Please govern yourself accordingly,” the letter said.

Morgan Stanley asked a Florida court last week to decide if it should follow the instructions of Buzz Aldrin or his son.

The family has been fighting for control of Aldrin’s assets, with two of his children saying he has memory loss and is delusional.



  • Phill O

    Memory loss and delusions: The new way to inheritance? I hope Buzz is given a proper hearing!

    On another side, accusations are all that is needed for police to confiscate you weapons according to the new anti-gun laws of New Mexico. No hearing just accusations!

  • georg felis

    Sounds like this is a Revocable Trust. If somebody *really* wants to provide assets for offspring that can’t be dinked with, they should set up an Irrevocable Trust. Setting up one of the recipients of the trust to be the trustee is just begging for trouble.

  • wodun

    Is a woman involved?

  • Neigborhood watch

    Wodun someone always had to make dark humour, no matter what!

  • wodun

    I wish it was humor but you get old enough and you see a lot of different ways family spats take place.

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