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California outlaws same day laundry and showers

Fascist California: A new draconian law in California makes it a crime to shower and do laundry on the same day.

Essentially, the law limits water use to levels that make it impossible to shower/bathe and do laundry on the same day. It also threatens fines of $1,000 and $10,000 per day, and requires water utilities to track customer use to find violators. And not surprisingly for a fascist state, it provides a method for allowing waivers to its inner circle:

Oh, and don’t worry, rich people. There will be “provisions for swimming pools, spas, and other water features.” So you can still have your pretty fountains and pools while the rest of the peons take 2 showers a week. One might wonder if ‘variances” will apply to the wealthy for their landscaping needs. “The State Water Resources Control Board, which will oversee local agencies’ progress, will also consider possible ‘variances’ for some districts that need additional allowances due to specific local circumstances.”

There’s more. Read it all. The author also makes the important point that this law will likely raise the cost of food nationwide, or cause some shortages because it will make life hell for California’s farmers.

More and more, it appears that the leftist Democrats in control in California are working to turn the Golden State into Venezuela.

Pioneer cover

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Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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  • wodun

    Makes you wonder why they aren’t building water infrastructure like more reservoirs and desalinization plants. Its almost like they need the control and the flagellation is a demonstration of piety.

  • Robert Pratt

    They stopped those projects because of development-is-bad anti-human environmentalism. Same reason housing is so expensive there.

  • pzatchok

    I make it a point to Not buy anything out of California.

    The only trouble I find is in nuts. But I can live without them.

    And quite frankly most of California’s crops and beef goes east to Japan and China. They pay more. Just like most of the oil out of Alaska goes to Japan.

  • wayne

    Victor D Hanson;
    “A Thorough Explanation of California’s Failing Utopian Vision”


    “Two-States of California”
    Victor Davis Hanson at American Freedom Alliance

  • Cotour

    I take a shower every morning but some women I know tell me that its not good to do so, supposedly drys out your skin and is bad for your hair.

    I have never seen evidence of this but they tell me its so. And many times after I shower I have the washing machine loaded up and I push the button and do a wash (On the same day).

    I guess I’m livin large.

  • Water rationing for commoner Americans? That’s worth a jury duty strike. See


    for more . . .

  • Frank Solomon: I realize that you are not a robot, but your comment, which I approved, borders very close to pure spam. You really aren’t here to comment on California water restrictions, but to plug your book.

    I am the last person in the world to discourage such plugging, but you would do yourself more good to actually make a real comment. Just sayin’.

  • Bob – apologies. Please delete the comment.

  • Frank Solomon: Apology accepted. No need to delete the comment. I do think people should read what you say.

    And I’d prefer some real commentary here!

  • wayne

    Frank– do you cover “jury nullification?”

    back to “water,”–

    “Great Lakes: Unsalted & Shark Free, Since 8,000 BC.”

    “The Great Lakes contain roughly 5,000 cubic miles of water—a fifth of all the liquid surface fresh water on Earth. And…. none of it can be exported outside the Region.

  • pzatchok

    Its not that California is short of water for people. They have plenty for that.
    Its that they use well over half of all their water for agricultural use.

    California is not a perfect place to grow crops. If it was they wouldn’t need to water crops all the time, nature would do it for them.
    They don’t even have enough grasslands to feed all their cattle, they have to import hay to keep them fed.
    They can’t even grow enough grain to feed themselves, most grain grown goes to cattle feed.

    California encourages over farming for the tax dollar.

    They used the 9th circuit court to force out of state water suppliers to keep water and electricity prices low. If they charged what the water really cost California would not be the ‘garden state’ they claim it is.

    California doesn’t feed the rest of the Us they feed the far East. And they don’t even do that without forced help from many other states.

    If California ever went independent they would starve and run out of operating cash inside one year.

    They are not a net exporter of goods if you include all the support they must import.
    I really think every state should be at least 90% self sufficient in all aspects from utilities to food.

  • Max

    A search of “toxic water in California” shows that they’ve been having water quality issues for quite some time. Apparently some of their problems are more worrisome than the ones in Flint Michigan. It appears the statement about Venezuela that California is becoming is closer to the truth than fiction. Oil companies have bought off California’s water regulators for higher profits contaminating California’s water supply. Just what you would expect of a socialist government. Here’s the latest.

  • wayne

    Flint’s water problems; governed by the democrat-party since like’ forever, they managed their own water-plant into the ground (over a lengthy period), then they contracted to import water from 25 miles away. Then they failed to adequately treat the piping infrastructure with chemicals that (quite effectively) seal the surfaces of “last-mile” lead based pipes. (The water that goes into the system is fine, it picks up lead on the way downtown.)
    > Everything they did, they did to themselves, eyes wide open. The rest of us however, will have to pay for it, forever.
    [tangentially–Michael Moore never lived in Flint. He’s from Davison, a distinctly upscale, majority white, wealthy suburb of Flint proper.]

    pivoting back to California;

    Victor Davis Hansen- Keynote Address:
    “California at the Crossroads”
    March 2018

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