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California school district blacklists Christian club from elementary school

Hayward Unified School District: hostile to religion

They’re coming for you next: Despite allowing the Good News Clubs of the Child Evangelism Fellowship to meet in its Fairview Elementary School for years prior to the COVID lockdowns, the Hayward Unified School District has since blocked further meetings with no explanation, even as it has allowed many other similar but secular clubs to return.

As a result, the non-profit legal firm Liberty Council has sent a demand letter [pdf] to Hayward, threatening it with legal action if it does not immediately allow the Good News Clubs meeting space. As the letter notes,

California law and District policies do not permit the District to deny the use of facilities to
the GNC [Good News Club], particularly where such are made available to Scouts and GOTR [Girls on the Run]. District practice has been to make facilities freely available to these and other groups similarly situated to the GNC, immediately after school. Moreover, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, made applicable to the States (and the District) by the Fourteenth Amendment, also prohibits discriminatory denials of facilities use based on unbridled administrator discretion, or based upon religious viewpoint.

In outlining the facts, the letter also shows that the denial by the district was not because of lack of space, because two different teachers had offered their classrooms for Good News club meetings, since the rooms were empty and available at the required times.

This is not the first time Good News Clubs have been blocked by a school district. I reported on the failed effort in Rhode Island to blacklist this Christian organization in March 2023. In July the court ruled in favor of Good News, forcing Rhode Island to allow it to resume its bible classes for young children.

Liberty Counsel also notes that it has represented the Child Evangelism Fellowship about 200 times nationally, and has never lost a case involving its Good News Clubs.

To put this story in a greater perspective, one must consider that in many states and educational organizations controlled by the Democratic Party and leftist politics, it is now considered unacceptable to expose young children to the Bible. Think about that. The Bible is now viewed by these leftists to be as bad for kids to read as pornography — except that these same leftists now consider it a good thing for kids to see pornography but not the Bible.

In the modern leftist world that now rules us, good and evil have been flipped, with evil on top.

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  • Related, its ALL related:


    “Have you ever heard of “Ghost Cities” in China? Well, they are real, and the video below clearly shows what I am talking about. And they represent and are an indicator of a great destabilizing threat to China and its global ambitions of domination.”…………

    Read the rest it is an interesting take, and don’t forget to share with a friend on Facebook and social media.

  • DJ

    Interesting article. Of the ten items, 1,2,3, 6 and 10 will not be found in China. I think, but do not know for sure, that they have local elections that are somewhat open.

  • Cotour

    The piece is about America and what is currently underway internally driven in a large part by many in the Political Realm on both sides selling their sworn fiduciary responsibilities to the people and the Constitution. And who is purchasing their sworn fiduciary responsibilities? CHINA.

    See: Joe and Hunter Biden leading the list, but the list is long on both sides of the aisle.

    This is how China wants to fight this war for dominance, first internally to America their main opponent: “From the Chinese master of warfare, Sun Tzu: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” The Art of War”

    China has many fundamental problems that are destabilizing them that we should be leveraging, and the least of those problems is their internal elections. Their local elections are just picking a new hall monitor to watch over and discipline the people and control their Social Credit Scores.

    You do what you are instructed to do in China. Why? Because it is Subjective and fundamentally authoritarian I.E. Socialism / Communism.

    And this model is what the likes of the WEF / U.N. / radical “progressive” Democrat party is desperately seeking to install in America. And they now have and control the technology and have instituted their perverted Subjective zeitgeist within the minds of many within America that may deliver their desires.

    And these operatives within have mastered the chaos that comes from using the Constitution against itself in order to turn it Subjective.

    Not good.

  • markedup2

    that we should be leveraging

    I’m not convinced we need to. Perhaps in minor ways, but much of that is already occurring (e.g. manufacturers leaving). China is already dead, it just doesn’t know it, yet. However, it is very unwise to underestimate the last gasps of a dying empire; they can still do plenty of damage.

    Contrast their state to America’s. Yes, we have plenty of issues, but they can be resolved – even fundamental ones such as the limits to central control.

    China has several severe issues that cannot be resolved: Demographic collapse, insane debt (even by American standards), real-estate bubbles, infrastructure over-investment (making Alaska’s “bridge to nowhere” and California’s “high speed rail” look like bake-sale levels of money). The list goes on and on, without touching on governing ideology (albeit that’s what caused most of them).

  • “But they can be resolved”, exactly, by design.



    “Now I am not going to comment too much here, I will let the Aussies reveal to everyone in America what is apparent to them what and is in fact underway. Sometimes you need the perspective of an outsider to tell you what is what.”

    Read the rest, and don’t forget to share SIGMA3iOC with your friends on Facebook and social media.

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