Cassini has taken some spectacular new images of the gigantic hexagonal vortex on Saturn’s north pole.

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Cassini has taken some spectacular new images of the gigantic hexagon-shaped vortex on Saturn’s north pole.


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  • Chris Kirkendall

    Amazing photos, though the closer-up photos don’t reveal the nearly perfect hexagonal shape as well as those from further out. To me, this is the most amazing & puzzling feature on any planet in our Solar System. How such a shape could persist for decades is a true mystery. So far I haven’t seen any theories that adequately explain it, although some have suggested it’s some form of “Standing Wave” pattern, but for that to exist (and persist) on this scale & for this long is mind-boggling.

    Saturn is & always will be the most amazing & beautiful of all the planets – the multiple highly-detailed ring system, its dozens of moons, the strange atmospheric features like this & the Hurricane-like storm (with a human-looking eye!) at the other pole, all add up to one very mysterious, bizarre & beautiful world…

  • It’s the wind up key for our solar system.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    It’s the wind up key for our solar system – interesting thought – I like it ! !

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