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Catholics now forced to march in gay pride parade

Fascists: The Supreme Court of Rhode Island has ruled that it was proper for the government to order two Catholic firefighters to participate in a gay pride parade, even though it was against their religious beliefs.


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  • Dennis

    Good for the supreme court. Pair of indoctrinated idiots.

  • They should refuse, and accept the consequences cheerfully. Martyrdom is expected of Christians.

    I had to sacrifice my own career once for the sake of my Christian beliefs. It cost me dearly.

    But now I’m doing better than ever. I’ve lost weight, have a wonderful wife and children, and doing great in the career I shifted to after my old one was shot out from under me. Meanwhile, those who took down my career out of sheer Christophobia are old, fat, without family, and STILL GAY.

    Je ne regrette rien.

  • I like your reasoned, detailed, and thoughtful analysis here. The court should rule against someone because you think they are “idiots”. Brilliant. With logic like that, we can even consider other even more brilliant legal maneuvers. Maybe we should arrest anyone who disagrees with gays, put them into concentration camps, and gas them to get rid of them? After all, they are nothing but “indoctrinated idiots.”

    If you want to disagree with people here at Behind the Black, I expect you to provide us a reasoned intelligent argument, In fact, I welcome it. (Just ask the commenter Cotour this past week.)

    If all you can do however is call people names, you will quickly find yourself banned. The choice is now up to you.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    The war on religion continues despite Constitutional protections.

  • pzatchok

    Funny how the people who have a war on God seem to be only attacking the Christians.

    Even the homosexuals are afraid of attacking the Jewish for fear of being called on it and definitely don’t want to insult Muslims out of a real physical fear.

    Somehow they think the Christians are the only ones who don’t love homosexuals even though there is no religion that embraces homosexuality as normal and preferred.

    Some sects might accept gay members but none accept the sex act as gods will, or not a sin and or normal.

    Its sort of like the bullies of the school yard.
    They pass up the black and Jewish kids out of the fear of being called racists.
    The Muslims out of fear of being killed.
    So that just leaves the Christian pacifists.

    When the left starts attacking all other religions equally then I would believe its nothing personal and targeted. That they are not opportunistically attacking the passive believers.

    Forcing these firefighters to drive the truck was stupid. The chief could have just said they were sick and couldn’t participate.
    Its not that hard to drive a fire truck, they could have found any other fire fighter to do the job.
    Who forced the issue and why?
    Did the mayor find out and get all personally offended?
    Were the other gay fire fighters just not understanding enough and forced it?
    Someone forced those men to do that parade.
    They could have always been given the option to take those days off.

    Since they ruled this was just another day at work then why not find a skin head and or KKK group to have a parade there and request the participation of the fire truck. They can not be denied on the bases of belief now. They can even give all the gay firefighters and police officers a little KKK flag to wave. They can’t say no and mist stay in uniform.

  • Cotour

    Some of the gray ?

    I don’t know that I agree with this particular ruling, making men who were assigned as a part of their job to drive a fire truck in a gay parade. If they objected why couldn’t someone else who did not object be assigned? Does their employment by the city trump their personal / religious objections? Does their employer have the right to have them participate in something where they may personally be tagged as “being” gay for their participation?

    If they were on the job and a building housing gay people were on fire they would certainly participate in saving the people who might be in the building, they wouldn’t have the choice to not participate because of their religious beliefs. I think that the city may well be being unreasonable and so is the court. Driving a fire truck in a parade is not primary in a fire mans job.

  • Cotour

    This may well be a case that would / should qualify for a slot at the U.S. Supreme Court for over turning. And the ensuing civil suite against the mayor and the city would be well deserved IMO.

    An employer forcing an employee to do something not directly related to their described and agreed upon job and it being something that those employees have stated was objectionable to those employees is IMO unreasonable on the employers part.

  • Cotour

    One groups solution to the potential of having to participate in what in their collective opinion is against their particular beliefs and to avoid discriminating against anyone.

    Right? Wrong? This is one way that the real world deals with this particular issue, looks like they have created an opportunity for those who have no problem with participating in a gay marriage. One door closes and one door opens, no harm no foul, everyone is respected and happy.

  • Edward

    > One groups solution … to avoid discriminating against anyone.

    Except that they now discriminate against everyone, equally. Just because they do not perform a service does not mean that they are not discriminating; they are now discriminating against all who wish for a courthouse marriage instead of a chapel marriage (church/synagogue/mosque/whatever).

    No one is respected, all are disrespected equally. And why do you think that the above-mentioned couples, hoping for a courthouse marriage, are happy?

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