Caving all day

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Sorry for the lack of posting on Friday. And it will be the same on Saturday. We have been underground all day surveying a cave, and will be doing it tomorrow as well. I should have time Sunday night to catch up.

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  • LocalFluff

    Stupid question, maybe. But how do you arrange communication while in a cave? Is shouting good enough, or do you put some radio relays along the trail?

    (There’s an attractive cave near where I live, you’ve made me interested in visiting it.)

  • LocalFluff: Caving is much like hiking in that you go with a group of people all traveling together. When you to need to talk to each other, you talk to each other. There is nothing about the caving environment that makes communication more difficult.

    For example, if you are near a large waterfall, either underground or on the surface, communication can be hard. It doesn’t matter that much being underground. If the air is clear and quiet, communication will be easy, in both environments.

  • wayne

    Journey to the center of the Earth
    1959 trailer

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