Celebrating the death of the mainstream media

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The rage builds.

[M]embers of the mainstream media are presumptively hacks, and the pain and misery they endure as their organizations convulse and die should inspire laughter and joy. Sure, there are honest reporters out there, but that’s only a fluke of statistics. There have to be some, if only because of the random vagaries of chance. They can get real jobs with the new media. But in general, MSM members’ pain is our gain.

Remember, they hate us. Hate us. They don’t merely not care about us. They don’t simply misunderstand us. They hate what we think. They hate how we live. They hate what we believe. They hate us.

And it shouldn’t come as a shock if we hate them right back. We normals have already started an unofficial, uncoordinated boycott of the mainstream media.

Read it all, and remind yourself that ABC News considers it perfectly acceptable for their lead anchor to contribute big bucks to the Democratic Party. This is also the same network that is working hand-in-glove with the communist dictatorship in Cuba to spread their propaganda.



  • Cotour

    In addition the political tool ABC values him so much they are willing to pay him ……get ready…….$105 million dollars over 7 years!

    With all of the 180 degree counter intuitive things that our government is involved in, most all are against or are challenging how the Constitution is interpreted and certainly against the interests of the American people specifically, the blatant and out right lying by most every major politician and media personality, how close are we to total collapse or being able to redeem ourselves?

    I hear about things like, the Chinese attempting to structure their version of a world reserve currency, the Chinese growing their own islands for military purposes in the South China Sea, the Chinese demanding that Americans be disarmed, an American military exercize named Jade Hem, Jade a term referring to China, Helm meaning to be in control? (or is it our own military screwing with the rightfully paranoid in our own country?) But our own military are having a massive military control over civilian training operation within America this summer,


    The Russians militarily building up and taking over in Ukrain, Yeah, we sure are “resetting” with the Russians, ISIS taking over in Iraq, Iran essentially being given nuclear weapons by our own radical president and his equally radical Secretary Of State Kerry, the Saudi’s now acquiring nukes as a result, the out right lying by our government about our own economy and our employment / unemployment numbers, racial unrest pumped by our own president, unrealistic valuations on Wall Street due to the free big money atmosphere created by the FED, the extremely high cost of education and the massive debt it is creating (one of my customers is in an acccelerated medical program in nursing, to this date his bill is $250K and he has two more semesters to go, his bill will be about $300K!), I can go on and on and on, my point?

    We seem to all be watching as our country is driven into a state of fear and is subverted and deconstructed in preparation for what? A Chinese take over and pay off ? The now rumored and famous One World Government? (you can not have a OWG if America / Americans with all of their smelly rights and their guns are allowed to continue to spoil everything).

    What the hell does all of this indicate for America and its people and the world in general if this is allowed to remain the direction that we are to go? There will be change, but into what?

    I strongly suspect that this coming election is thee election that will give the answer.

  • Tony

    Our disappointment with the media is justified – they have degenerated into the propaganda ministry of the tyranny of the left. We have to be careful how we counter this. The free press is an essential element of our form of democracy. We would not exist had it not been for Poor Richard et al spreading the ideals that led to the revolution of ’76. We need a free press so its important to consider whatever we do to counter the existing cabal doesn’t destroy the press itself. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak. Our goal has to be to speak out until there is balance in reporting. It’s up to US to clean up this mess, not destroy it in the process.

    PS: Get well soon Bob. It must have been a mind bending experience to suffer a serious injury deep in the cave. Returning to the surface required lots of mental fortitude – your own Apollo 13 moment I would say.


  • Cotour

    OR, am I being paranoid, over emotional, unrealistic and a bit of a Chicken Little? Is the sky really falling?

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