Chang’e-4 and Yutu-2 awake for 9th lunar day

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China’s lander Chang’e-4 and rover Yutu-2 have been reactivated from sleep mode to begin their ninth lunar day on the far side of the Moon.

Their nominal mission had been three lunar days, so both spacecraft have now exceed that three times over.


One comment

  • Lee S

    It seems to me that these days, pretty much any mission that can actually arrive at its designated destination safely, can continue almost indefinitely.
    ( If only spirit and opportunity had solar cell wipers of some sort they would still be roving now…)
    This bodes well for the future…. It seems we have nailed how to keep machinery running in the harshest of environments…
    NASA seems to have mastered landing on Mars ( fingers crossed ), ESA and Roscosmos not so much… But the hardware from everyone (apart from Japan… But they are bloody good at workarounds!) Seems to be rock solid.
    The knowledge gained keeping all these missions running far beyond there expected lifespan is going to be very valuable to future manned missions…
    A big high five to the Chinese space program… It’s all good for our future as a multi planet species!!!

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