Chang’e-4 successfully lands on far side of Moon

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The new colonial movement: China’s Chang’e-4 lander/rover has successfully landed on far side of Moon.

Early reports of a successful landing sparked confusion after state-run media China Daily and CGTN deleted tweets celebrating the mission. China Daily’s tweet said: ‘“China’s Chang’e 4 landed on the moon’s far side, inaugurating a new chapter in mankind’s lunar exploration history.”

Official confirmation of the landing came two hours later via state broadcaster CCTV, which said the lunar explorer had touched down at 10.26am (2.26am GMT). The Communist party-owned Global Times also said the probe had “successfully made the first-ever soft landing” on the far side of the moon.

No reason has been given for the deletion of the tweets, though I suspect they did so because they were simply premature.

Update: More information here, including images.



  • wayne

    So, when do they claim they now own & control, the far side of the Moon?

  • Edward_2

    I wonder how the rover is powered. No sunlight on the dark side of the moon to charge batteries.

    Nuclear? Will the anti-nuclear activists get as crazed with China as they did when Cassini-Huygens was launched by the US?

  • Jim Davis

    No sunlight on the dark side of the moon to charge batteries.

    You’re joking, right?

  • Edward_2: The far side of the Moon receives as much sunlight as the near side. The term “dark side” comes from a time before the space age, when it was dark because the human race had never seen it, and had no way to see it.

  • Captain Emeritus

    In 2004, the Chi-Coms released the sci-fi movie “Star Appeal”, starring
    Wan hung Low.
    It has just been leaked that a full scale model of Chang’E 4 was placed on the reconstructed set, the scene of a barren moon scape, and is part of a giant Chi-Com hoax to fake the landing.
    This, confirmed by Mr. Sum tin Wong, third cousin (mother’s side) to the original movie’s producer, Dr Ho lee Chit.

  • Jay

    There is not much direct information about the power sources of the lander. Some of it is based on the previous Chang’e 3 spacecraft. It does have photovoltaics and a claimed RTG for power. Some sources say that it is not really an RTG, but a RHU (Radioisotope Heater Unit) for thermal management and a small thermal couple to get some power out.

  • wayne

    Captain Emeritus–
    Holy cow!

    Do we have independent telemetry and radar verification, that this alleged lander, actually exists? These chinese communists, lie as much as our own fake Media.

    Sounds like a excellent job of running the Chroma-key compositing process. (“Green-screen.”)
    Plus, they’ll need time to fix any imperfections in post-production.

  • Roland

    Between Midnight and 2am EST on 01/03/19,
    I heard (sounded like) Alan Kasujja on BBC News Radio mentioned Chang’e-4 also contained
    “Silk Worm Eggs”.

    The Eggs are not listed as payload in the link below but another presenter had immediately laughed in the background at the report and exclaimed something similar to “Imagine how they’re gonna feel when they wake up!”.

    Excerpt from link above:
    “The lander also carried a container with six live species from Earth – cotton, rapeseed, potato, fruit fly, yeast and arabidopsis (a flowering plant) – to try to form a mini biosphere.”

  • wodun

    Does anyone notice something familiar about the logo in the top left corner? Apparently China isn’t content with stealing personal, business, and technical information from us, they also have to steal the Star Trek Federation logo.

    It is cool that China landed another rover on the Moon. One would hope this would wake Americans up a bit but it looks like the media is too scared that putting this event in context would empower Trump and weaken the Democrats.

    I remember that not so long ago that if you suggested China was capable of something like this you would be mocked as having a case of the Red Scare or being a stupid racist because you didn’t recognize how incapable the Chinese are.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    China’s “Orwellian Nonsense”

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