Chicago Cubs are being forced to give up their World Series title

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Heh. From Reddit.

Cleveland Indians fans have rioted across the country in protest of the 2016 World Series. Despite knowing the rules of the game prior to playing, they were unhappy they lost and demanded the outcome to be changed.

They could be heard chanting #NotOurWorldSeriesChampion all across America. Even though the Cubs won 4 games and the Indians only won 3, since both teams scored 27 total runs throughout all 7 games, they are being declared co-world champions.

There’s more. Make sure you read the comments as well. For example: “The Indians won the popular hits in game 5 so they should win.”



  • In this connection, in defense of the electoral college, look at “Natapoff’s Theorem” in the 20 year old article “Math Against Tyranny”:

    and in many other places.

    In addition, to get rid of the EC would require a constitutional amendment, requiring 3/4 of the states (specifically including those with small populations) to relinquish most of what power they currently maintain in selecting a president.

  • Joe

    Double plus ungood! This is cognitive dissonance at its core. This comes from decades of participation awards and brainwashing in public education and higher learning. I don’t know if it’s possible to fix these people, how do you get education to teach critical thinking when it their mission to indoctrinate and brainwash.

  • LocalFluff

    In Sweden, the world leading feminist-islamic climate country (“the world’s moral superpower” as the prime minister puts it), there are no winners in school tournaments in soccer and such any more. They don’t even count the goals. Also, there is no punishment for any crime. Less than 0.5% of crimes reported to the police lead to prison. Murderers are often released after just a couple of years in prison, which have hotel standard with free education and sports facilities and plenty of free leaves. Escaping from prison (not returning from one of the leaves) is not a crime and has no consequences. Those (who lie that they are) younger than 15 years can never be arrested no matter what. So drug dealing on the street is almost only handled by children, since the police cannot do anything to stop them.

    What this is all about is denying causality. Separating cause from effect. Denying that there is any connection between one’s actions and the consequences that follow it. The ideal of the Nanny welfare state. The reason for this Satanic indoctrination is to eliminate the human mind, to eliminate logical thinking and knowledge about the reality. To replace it with whatever the MSM megaphones are shouting at the moment. Thinking is the rulers worst enemies, slaves are not allowed to think, just instantaneously obey any order.

    The climate panic illustrates this. Schools, universities and MSM program people with fear, angst for death, and they are prepared to obey any order. Many even advocate the extermination of human kind in order to save the planet from the global warming. The same indoctrinated panic fear of doomsday is now unleashed against the US election and against democracy. The fact that Al Gore’s hockey stick forecast was completely false, that the global temperature hasn’t changed at all for 18 years now, does not enter the minds of the indoctrinated zombie slaves. It does not compute. They have been taught to not think, to not connect cause with effect.

    I’m so happy that the American people has elected someone who at least seems to go against this plan to exterminate the human mind and with it the human kind. All the short comings of the US is nothing, nothing at all, compared with those in Western Europe of today. You still have diversity, it was still possible to support Trump in the US. Where I live even the otherwise completely isolated small nationalist party is anti-Trump. All politicians, all journalists and all school teachers are in complete state of panic now. No one can explain why. The zombies are simply programmed to panic when so commanded.

  • D.K. Williams

    Hee hee

  • Cotour

    You gotta love this guy.

    The liberals in my life are having varying degrees of nervous break downs, from isolating themselves to crying at work and probably worse that I have not heard of. Three Conservative women friends of mine (your welcome ladies) met at my place the other night for counseling which turned into a three hour dinner because of all of the negative heat they were receiving. One experienced nasty and abusive name calling at work, one works in a very well known charity (which trump participates in) and most all of her co workers were very, very depressingly quiet, most did not come to work the day after, the third one who is a well known musician / drummer no longer has any friends because she has turned into a staunch Conservative. All of her former friends are knee jerk liberals / artists / musicians and now reject her after her awakening.

    One friend, a naturalized German woman, who is a citizen, is scared that she will be deported. The irrational thinking knows no bounds.

    These young idealistic Liberals perpetrating this divisive violence who define themselves as Democrats are being driven by rabble rousing paid Leftists / Marxists. Where is the current president publicly speaking trying tamp these violent actions down? He is nowhere to be found because this IS his movement and he does not want it to die, too much time and money invested in this chaos. George Soros would be soooo disappointed if he actually did his job.

  • Edward

    [*** Sarcasm Alert! ***]
    Sorry about the Cubs having to give up their hard-won trophy, but if everyone doesn’t get a trophy, then no one should.

    It is just like voting. Even if your guy loses, at least you got the “I Voted” trophy — er — sticker for participating in the election.

    Oops. Did I say that someone lost the election? I meant that the Democrat gets to co-rule. Unless she wins, that is, then she rules alone.

    LocalFluff wrote: “Many even advocate the extermination of human kind in order to save the planet from the global warming. … [T]hat the global temperature hasn’t changed at all for 18 years now, does not enter the minds of the indoctrinated zombie slaves.

    I never believed in the zombie apocalypse scenario. Until now.

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