Chicago police must pay 330k for killing dog in home raid

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Justice: The Chicago police department as well as the officers themselves must pay $330k for killing a dog in a home raid.



  • DDZ

    It’s about time that the courts punished the police for breaking into innocent people’s homes and killing their pet dogs.

  • The Federalist

    I think a study needs to be made comparing 1.) the loss of evidence due to lack of no-knock raids and the dangers from sieges that may result from that lack of a no-knock entry to 2) the dangers that result from using no-knock entries. My guess is that empirical evidence will have long ago swung decisively against the no-knock.

    This survey would be above and beyond whatever corrosive effects increased use of no-knocks has on the mentality of police, as well as the implied relationship between citizen and government.

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