China and South Korea agree to counter North Korea’s missile/nuclear program

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Under pressure from the Trump administration to do something about North Korea’s out-of-control and aggressive nuclear and missile program, China has worked out an agreement with South Korea to take “strong action”.

It remains a question how serious this response will be, but it is also the first sign in a long time that China is finally taking the threat from North Korea seriously.

Update: China refuses acceptance of coal from a fleet of North Korean ships.

This new story confirms that China was serious about this ban when it announced it in February. Set to run to at least the end of this year, the loss of income to North Korea, very poor already, should have some influence there. Whether good or bad, however, remains unknown. One cannot expect irrational and mad individuals holding great power to come to rational conclusions.



  • Cotour

    If you have the technology and the capability and reluctant but necessary willingness to deliver this consistently.*f65AtvZCZqNY6RDrEHym*HJ0FiwHza6M5HX7BCNX35P4Hcad45ul16F2EqSIPi1lkZlnF3drx0hm5ETAufy8h/GBU39BSDBIDrop2.jpg

    Then whom ever opposes you who can not deliver the same or worse consistently must rethink their position.

    I suspect that the Untied States military can deliver these flying reminders of the exercise of power within about 24 inches of their intended targets, every day, all day long. The worlds power structure is in the process of being reshaped. Eight years of treason through neglect and anti American agenda is done with.

  • LocalFluff

    China’s coal boycott against North Korea is said to rob them of 40% of their currency incomes. And after Xi visited Mar-a-Lago they put 150,000 soldiers at North Korea’s China border. (That’s ten times the entire staff of Sweden’s army, with certainly 100 times the ability). Trump sending only one aircraft carrier with a minimal escort fleet with only 300 cruise missiles, surprised me at first. But I suppose that is enough against N.Korea. Trump and Xi seems to get along and will take care of Kim now. The attack in Syria was all about signaling Kim what will be done if he uses any WMD again.

    The US keeping two aircraft carriers at home on each coast I suppose is because they are enough to each totally out-power the sum of all navy’s in the world in either ocean. And the nuclear subs are the real weapons here if it gets hot. One single US nuclear sub is said to be able to protect South Korea from invasion and artillery with a wall of fire along all of the northern side of its border.

    Trump will finalize Ronald Reagan’s victory against communism. Maybe within his 100 first days (May 1st).

  • Mart P Berthold

    Can’t find any space photos.

  • Matt: What photos are looking for? BtB has lots of photos but the site’s purpose is not imagery.

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