China has launch failure

A Chinese launch of a military satellite using a Long March 4C rocket failed today.

It appears the failure occurred with the third stage. This rocket is one of China’s smaller rockets, and is mostly used for polar launches of smaller satellites. It is likely therefore that the failure will not impact their planetary and manned programs, both of which depend on different and larger rockets.


  • Captain Emeritus

    Uh Oh!
    Heads are going to roll.
    But hey, that’s the Chinese Commie way.

  • Cotour

    Is all of what is going on right now a prelude to military conflict?

    Get it over with before the Chinese get too powerful?

    Could make sense from a strategic perspective given two things 1. We have military superiority right now, I assume, and 2. Trump is the president and few other presidents would dare confront the Chinese as is evidenced by our now long history related to them and modern times.

    I often wonder about how the Chinese are taking all this, and I saw the other day that the U.S. is going to sell Taiwan $2 billion in military equipment and we are stepping all over their S. China sea installations and confronting them on trade inequities.

    The Chinese must not be very happy with Trump in power, how far are they ready to this?

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